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Default Re: The things I find.

Another quick update! Not a lot of stuff, but they're all treasures to me!

A beautiful Australian Far Cry 3 Steelbook! Been wanting this one for a while now! Thanks so much to my good friend ZeeAussie for helping me out with this one! You're amazing brother!

The rest of the update is Bioshock-related!

The Infinite press kit:

I can hardly believe that I own one of these awesome press kits. The wood case is well made and of overall great quality. The contents are all really nice as well. I'm actually thinking of getting the Elizabeth print framed. In short, I do feel privileged to have one of these awesome kits.

It also came with this promo copy of the game:

Bioshock Breaking the Mold Developer's Edition Art Book! Signed many times by the developers of the original game!

And finally we have the elusive Mind In Revolt book!

But this is no ordinary copy!

It's signed x2 (artist, author) and includes a hand drawn sketch by an artist that works at Irrational! It may not be 1 of 15, but as far as I'm concerned, it is one of a kind and will be cherished as such!

That's pretty much it for now. Thanks for checking in once more guys and gals!
I hope you all liked the pics. Take care everyone.
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