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Default Re: KnightOfTruth - "You'll Never Defeat Aaaaaanndross!"

So rather than have one large update I figured I'd break it up and just put a few things on here now and a few next week. Everything included in this update I got at a real bargain (I felt) and am super happy overall.

I added a few more things to the collection that you'll see below. 1 CE, 1 Laser Cel, and 1 figure. I got my AC4 replacement in the mail from Amazon yesterday and it came in MUCH better condition than the previous one (woohoo!), practically mint! Also, the Super Mario Laser Cel is neat because its in almost a "shadow box" type packaging so there's actual depth to it (though tough to see in the picture).

Also (not included in this update) but I actually added a new Cel Art that I never knew existed to my Suikoden collection too(don't have the retro stuff listed yet or unpacked, but will find it and post later), but didn't take any pictures of it, just got it though and was pretty excited!

Well, here's my latest update...

Defiance Ultimate Edition

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Laser Cel (Limited Edition of 500)

Edward Kenway: The Assassin Pirate Figure

Hey all, things have really heated up lately and I'm not as available as I used to be. If I have something of yours, its still safe and sound, and I'll be looking to ship it ASAP before the next move. If you have things of mine, PLEASE PM me what I owe you and I'll send payment right away, thanks for your patience!

My Collection (WIP)
My Want List

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