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Default Re: KnightOfTruth - "You'll Never Defeat Aaaaaanndross!"

I realized the other day that I haven't posted ANY of my updates in quite awhile, and especially after finding some of my retro things and getting several new items I figured it was time to update accordingly.

In this update there's mystery, adventure, hidden characters, fantasy, and, things! There's a few CEs, some promo materials, several Steelbooks, and some knick-knacks (though I won't be highlighting them specifically as they belong to a series I've yet to display on here). What there is NOT are: llamas, inappropriate workplace comments, and many retro things (at least not yet).

So, per usual I think I've got many of these things at a great bargain. So a big thanks to any of you (especially Maggie and Jorge) for helping me with some of these finds and trades.

And without further ado...

The Great Box of Mystery

Here's what's inside

And I promised some Adventure...

Kinectimals FAO Schwartz Bear Edition

Tomb Raider Lara Croft Collectible Figure

Watchdogs Limited Edition (US)

Elder Scrolls Online & Skyrim Steelbooks

The Witcher 2: Dark Edition (Sealed)

Followed by some Fantasy...

Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns Steelbooks

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Steelbook

Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition (UK) & Pre-order Cards

And of course, Cool Things...

Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition

Super Mario 3D World w/Keychain & Slipcover

Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition (US) w/Bonus Swag
(there's a hidden character in this photo trying to rain on Mario's parade)

But Wait....there's more?! What's inside THIS little box?

You're not allowed to click the spoiler tag unless you hear the "Zelda Treasure Chest" sound in your head

And that's all I have the room for on this update,... be sure to leave some comments about any of these items and I'll post another one soon!
Hey all, things have really heated up lately and I'm not as available as I used to be. If I have something of yours, its still safe and sound, and I'll be looking to ship it ASAP before the next move. If you have things of mine, PLEASE PM me what I owe you and I'll send payment right away, thanks for your patience!

My Collection (WIP)
My Want List

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