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Default Re: WaxWeazle reporting for duty

Been a bit quiet, but here's a new update! :3

2 new steelbooks
Who Framed Roger Rabbit & Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Assassin's Gauntlet
May not be a big AC fan, but since this was quite cheap and it is a nice item, I couldn't let it slide!

Bioshock Infinite Limited Edition Strategy Guide
Because Bioshock. The small extras on the left are an extra card for the boardgame and the Freedom key from the game.

Dark Souls 3 Limited Edition Strategy Guide
The guide came with a little Dark Souls notebook. Not using it but it's a nice little extra.

Dark Souls 3 Press Kit
Have played DS2 for about 4/5 hours and barely made it past tutorial area. Rage quit hard on that one. But the PK for DS3 really looks neat as fuck! Wanted to have it since I saw it appear and now I finally have it! Yay! Going to go ahead and try, hoping I might get into this one a bit easier.

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