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Default Re: What Gets Added to the Database? Rules & Criteria for Additions

Originally Posted by comaamen86 View Post
in terms of access to older additions will it be a free for all? or would it be restricted in terms of complete db additions

so like a submissions system?
it would NOT be a free for all, it would be a submission system... the concept in my head is as follows:

Step 1: users have an interface similar to the one you use now, except they might be able to enter multiple consoles/regions for a single entry as well as a box for things like links or a brief description.

Step 2. Once submitted it would go into a new "approval" database, This would NOT be displayed on the main page however I might show a list of pending entries somewhere so people don't post duplicate,

Step 3: the proprietors would be able to look over the entries, make any changes necessary and then click an "approve" button to submit the information to the current database. I might also have some kind of "deny" functionality

Step 4: you'd still have to write the description but hopefully this will help streamline the process.

Other functionality: I'd like to keep track of who submitted what, so when you look at someone's profile it would show that so-and-so has submitted # of games to the database, and maybe a list of which ones they were responsible for.

I might also consider setting it up so that DB proprietors use this interface for new entries as well... but prevent you from approving your own entry... this would guarantee that every new entry into the database is looked at by at least 2 people. I'm still on the fence about this though.

Editing existing entries would work exactly how it does today, though if this gets completed and works well I might look into a similar mechanism for errors.

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