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Default Re: How to Properly Photograph CE Games for use on the site

Originally Posted by kittychloe View Post
I have an odd question, with regards to clothing items given as CE content, IE shirts, hats, jackets ECT...

Would you prefer the item to be flat and laid out? or when possible would it be fine for the clothing to have practical demonstration so people could see what it looks like on a model..

Would you allow the database to show a mannequin wearing the clothing if the lighting was the same as the rest of the CE's?
For stuff like t-shirts I generally just lay them flat and photograph it as if it were a poster or something similar, I don't think collectors worry too much about what it looks like being worn. I can see the benefit of using a mannequin for something like a jacket that is difficult to photograph otherwise.

I would say as long as it looks professional and there is no confusion about the mannequin being included as part of the CE then it's ok. (keep in mind CEs like the COD MW2 Night Vision Goggle packs included a mannequin head for display)

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