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Default Re: What Gets Added to the Database? Rules & Criteria for Additions

Originally Posted by Irockz View Post

Originally Posted by kittychloe View Post
Would several members be able to edit the same pending entry? just in case one member has information on an edition that the original poster may have overlooked or is that up to proprietors only?
no, allowing anyone to modify data like that opens up a whole host of problems... what if the first person is right and some else "fixes" it to be wrong? also keeping track of who changed what is a real pain.

Originally Posted by HIPPEEDUDE View Post
Theres a mistake in the Database. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 we are Tekken is also listed available for the original Xbox,lol. Slight fubar but it happens Theres also quite a few original Xbox limited editions & special editions missing,so when i get some time i will post them here for you approval or disapproval.
thanks, but this is not the thread to do that, you should create a new thread for the missing entries/entries that need correcting.

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