Thread: Missing Edition (Not Yet Released) Spider-Man Collector's Edition (PS4)
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Default Re: Spider-Man Collector's Edition (PS4)

Got my LE there and I have to say, wtf is with the size of the outer box?! I was expecting something practical like the God of War LE, not some huge old school PC big box version that will be a pain in the arse to put on my shelf. (Edit: It's a good inch too tall to even fit on the standard shelves on my shelving unit. Great job, design team to make it so totally unnecessarily and obnoxiously large. I think the problem is in part that they left the size of the artbook up to some imbecile that's apparently never seen a G2 case and so it's been made to the exact same width and height as a G1 case and thus it couldn't neatly fit together with the steelbook but even at that, they didn't need the wasted inch or so on white spacer cardboard inside.)

Also wasn't there supposed to be a code for additional content or was it just all included with the e-mailed single preorder bonus code?

Steelbook outside is lazy as fuck imo, Spidey symbol on front and plain red spine and back. Plus I initially thought it was all scratched, weirdly there was a bunch of what looked like white thread inside the cellophane.

Found it funny too that the artbook was at the front as you opened it and hidden under it was the slip warning that it contained spoilers and so instructing you to not open it.

Edit: Got home and installed the "dynamic" theme. As someone that really likes themes on PS4, it absolutely fucking sucks. Static image that just moves Spidey a wee bit down and to the right when you change the row you're on; the background music is really quiet and just seems to loop between two really short bits, one of vocals of, "Ahhhh, ahh ah, ah" with a touch of strings at the end, then a slightly disjointed piano and then a bunch of silence before back to the vocals; sound effects are your pretty standard clicks on left/right, a web sound on up and then a whoosh on down. Shitty and lazy enough to be a free theme for a crappy little PSN game.

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