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Default Re: Monster Hunter: World - Collector's Edition

Originally Posted by Codreanu View Post
The size of a CE statue says nothing about it's quality. Just look at the Mithril Edition of Shadow of War.
Whilst that's true and I do at least partially agree, I can't help but also feel that there has to be some balance. A statue might be the best quality in the world but if it's small enough to practically miss or not really see from across the room then is it still a good statue as far as statues go?

I know that's happened in the past with me where some can be nice or interesting but because they've not been that substantial they've just ended up more lost than anything else.

Also the issue with this one I can see size-wise, the picture shown above of it in real life seems to show a considerable amount of detail but I would be concerned that it's a lot of detail to try and fit onto such a small item.
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