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Default Re: Destiny 2 - Collector's Edition / Limited Edition

Originally Posted by xhunter View Post
It really isn't that bad because it includes the game, the season pass, and the extras.
I don't think this is actually the season pass in the normal usage of that term.

This looks more like the same as the first where it came with a code for two expansions then there were the the other larger expansions.

Either way though that's one of my pet peeves with fancy editions lately, including the season pass is a lazy, bullshit way to push up the price in my opinion.

I actually really quite like the strange look of the bag and would definitely use it but a £120 difference for the bag/solar/sleeve?

As for the solar part, it's not really clear what that actually is to me; the description makes it sound separate but then the image makes it look like it's a part of the bag. Same for the tablet sleeve, that's made to sound like it's a separate thing too but I've got a Wenger shoulder bag where it has a sleeve for a tablet/laptop that can be used separately and is fairly plain otherwise.

The problem is this could either be great quality or cheap crap and we only have a very poor image for trying to look at it objectively.

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