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Default Re: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Collectors AKA Castlevania Spiritual Successor

Originally Posted by game_player_s View Post
Well I am officially screwed. I picked up a pre-paid AmEx card on the way home this evening... and then....

The Kickstarter apparently ended a few hours before I thought it was going to. I can honestly say that I have tried ever since the Vita goal was met to get ahold of a freaking pre-paid CC so I could get in on this.... and it would seem as though all of the forces of the universe have conspired against me. The only other chance I had prior to today to go out and get this stupid card I actually got to the store to buy one... and discovered I forgot to bring the money.

And that dear readers sums up how my day has gone.
Damn that sucks.

In other news though, it made it to the 5.5m milestone. That's pretty impressive. ^o^ I nearly caved to up my pledge to the $300 pledge, but my wallet just wouldn't have been able to take it. It's frustrating as I get paid next week. If it could have held on for one week longer, I would have had it. >.< I did up to $175 though so I can have a digital copy to play!! XD

Who else here backed this project and what pledge did you make in the end?
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scottish stereotypes, they have no public transport network and instead use pub crawls and off licences as a commuting route to the dole office
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