Thread: Missing Edition (Not Yet Released) Spider-Man Collector's Edition (PS4)
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Default Re: Spider-Man Collector's Edition (PS4)

Originally Posted by Spect3r View Post
By that logic then the same should have happend with the Batman ones, and it didnt.
Well here in the UK it actually did from what I recall on Arkham Knight which would fit the timeline. Like Letrico also said, the true large CE for that one was the Batmobile which was selling out fast. Then once that was cancelled there was practically no stock of the Limited Edition with the light up statue.

But also the huge difference here is that Batman is DC and as I lightly touched on, I would especially attribute this selling out as it's Marvel which Spidey is and I think it would be fair to say that at this point, because of the aforesaid films that Marvel is huge, even compared to DC which would no doubt slant these figures even further.
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