Thread: Missing Edition (Not Yet Released) Spider-Man Collector's Edition (PS4)
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Default Re: Spider-Man Collector's Edition (PS4)

Originally Posted by Spect3r View Post
Im sorry but the comparable ones are the CE with the light statue.
I did literally just compare them. You even quoted me mentioning the light up statue which I pointed out was sold out everywhere before release here.

I don't care what stock can be found now the whole point of these posts after my initial suggestion regarding why stock may be selling out which was that this franchise has cross-appeal which you decided to take issue with and make the first comparison to Batman was discussing that very comparison.

Honestly though, you can't compare the stock availability from resellers of something right now that was released in 2015 compared to something that isn't even out yet to support your points. You might as well say if you check eBay it'll be available on there - We're talking about preorder stock from genuine established stockists.

To be honest though I don't know why we're getting bogged down in all of this nonsense, this was certainly never my intention. It was a perfectly reasonable suggestion to make that there is cross-appeal on something like this. (Just look at amiibo for a perfect example of how this can work and have the exact same effect of being sold out (although that is also to do with Nintendo's extremely poor stock allocation).)
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