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Old 05-16-2013, 03:02 PM
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Default What Gets Added to the Database? Rules & Criteria for Additions

The topic comes up from time to time asking "should this release be in the database?" So here are some clarifications as to the criteria used to determine if a game should be in the database or not

These are the criteria that must be met for a new entry into the database:
All criteria MUST be met or the release will not be added.

1. The release must be a physically tangible release.

2. The release must include some form of stand-alone playable game code (this includes a disc, cartridge, download code, or other medium).

3. The packaging or content of the release must differ from the "standard edition" release in some way (this may be as minor as alternate cover art).

4. If the difference in package is due to a lower price point re-release (eg: a "platinum hits" re-releases, or console bundles) It must also include content that differs from the "standard edition".

5. Pre-Order bonuses included with a release are not considered part of the release unless the pre-order bonuses is some form of alternative packaging (such as a SteelBook) or somehow physically attached to the release.

Just to be clear here is how "standard edition" and "game" is defined for the sake of the database criteria:

"standard edition": A standard edition release is defined as the most highly distributed variant of a game. In instances where this is not clear it should be considered the most "basic" or "featureless" variant of a game.

"game": A game is defined as a piece of interactive software, uniquely identified by it's name, it's hardware platform, and it's release region. ie: a game with the same name released on 2 separate consoles are considered different games, and their release variants should not be compared when considering addition into the database.

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