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Old 10-31-2018, 04:53 PM
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Default Ps1 and Ps2 titles for sale

I have a bunch of ps1 and ps2 games for sale. They are all ntsc. They are all used unless stated sealed. I put in () any defects that I found. Then my prices are outside of that. I will ship for $4 in the united states, i ship in bubble mailers, ps1 games I will use bubble wrap along with the bubble mailer. I will negotiate if need be. I am located in erie pa im just throwing that out there.
Lastly I want to mention I know I dont post here but just for credibility sake Im on the LRG forums, same name

So heres what I got PS1

007 The World is not Enough (small scratches, crack on front case) $7

007 Tomorrow Never Dies (sticker on bind) $4

40 Winks (has scratches it plays, front case is cracked) $10

Akuji- The Heartless $10

Alien Trilogoy ( disc has small scrathches around it) $12

All Star Slammin D-Ball(sealed) $10

Alone in the dark- The New NIghtmare $17

Ape Escape (hook on front case broke) $20

Apocalypse $17

Area 51 (both hooks are broke, back case has crack) $6

Army Men 3d $5

Army Men- Green Rogue (circular scratches) $13

Army Men- World War- Land, Sea, Air $8

Assault Retribution (small scratches) $6

Baldies (sealed) $11

Blood Omen- Legacy of Kain( circular scratches on around disc, middle of case is black cd tray) $20

Bomberman- Party Edition (front case clip broke, small scratches) $12

Broken Helix (sticker on bind) $7

Broken Sword 2- The Smoking Mirror ( crack on front case) $11

Bubsy 3d (front has broke clip) $15

Bugs Bunny- Lost in Time (small scratches) $22

C-12- Final Resistance (front case crack) $7

Cardinal Syn (small scratches, small crack on front case) $7

Chronicles of the Sword $10

Chrono Cross $12

Command and Conquer (crack on front case, discs look refurbished) $20

Command and Conquer- Red Alert ( both front and back come off I dont see why) $17

Courier Crisis $7

Creatures (price sticker on bind) $6

Crusaders of Might and Magic (scratches around disc, sticker on bind) $8

Cyberia (crack on front case) $12

Darkstone $8

Deathtrap Dungeon (black cd tray, sticker on front case, small scratches around disc, the letters she written on disc above

PS logo) $6

Dino Crisis (with resident evil 3 demo) $30

Dino Crisis 2 ( scratches around disc, black cd tray) $30

Donald Duck- Goin Quackers (small scratches around disc) $15

Dracula- The Last Sanctuary (sealed) $20

Dracula- The Resurrection $23

Driver (scratches around disc) $6

Driver 2 (crack on front case, disc 1 has some small scratches) $7

Epidemic (sticker on bind) $10

ET- Interplanetary Mission ( small scratches, side of front case broke) $8

Eternal Eyes (small circular scratches, works fine) $10

Excalibur 2555 A.D. (light scratches) $7

Fade to Black $8

Fear Effect $26

Final Fantasy 7 $25

Final Fantasy 8 (front case has crack, also missing disc 1 not sure how) Just make an offer if your interested for some

reason I still dont know how im missing disc 1

Final Fantasy 9 $15

Final Fantasy Anthology $12

Final Fantasy Chronicles (plastic wrap sealed) $16

Final Fantasy Origins (small scratches around disc) $10

Frogger (some scratches around disc, front case crak and missing hook) $7

Front Mission 3 (sticker on bind, some small scratches) $25

Future Cop- LAPD $20

Galerians $30

Gauntlet Legends (finger print smudge) $10

Granstream Saga ( smal scratch around disc) $20

Gubble $5

Heart of Darkness (both discs have been refurbished, stickers on case) $25

Hugo- The Evil Mirror (price sticker on bind) $10

In Cold Blood (sticker spots on front and back) $40

Incredible Crisis (small scratches) $15

Jurassic Park- The lost World (refurbished) $11

Largo Winch.//Command Sar $5

Legacy of Kain- Soul Reaver $12

Lemmings & Oh No More Lemmings $11

Loaded $20

Martian Gothic (refurbished) $12

M & Ms- Shellshocked $5

MDK (2 stickers on front, 2 stickers on back, scratches around disc) $10

Medal of Honor $5

Metal Gear Solid- VR Missions $15

Monkey Hero ( sticker on bind) $10

Mortal Kombat- Special Forces (manual is there but front page was cut, small scratches around disc) $13

Mortal Kombat Mythologies- Sub Zero $15

Ms. Pac-Man- Maze Madness (has a couple finger prints) $10

Myst $15

Nightmare Creatures (small scratches) $16

Nightmare Creatures 2 $23

Norse By Norsewest (sticker on bind) $25

Nuclear strike (scratches around disc, front case cracked and hook missing) $4

Oddworld- Abes Exodus (small circle scratches) $11

ODT- escape or Die Trying $8

One (hook is broke on front case, scratches all around disc but it plays) $3

Overblood $18

Pac Man World (small scratches) $6

Pandemonium $15

Parasite Eve 2 (refurbished) $30

Pipe Dreams 3d (price sticker on bind) $7

Pitfall 3d- Beyond the Jungle (small scratches) $5

Planet of the Apes (case has small crack) $6

Po'ed (crack on front case) $18

Q-Bert $5

Rat Attack $5

Rayman (refurbished, front case cracked) $10

Reloaded $15

Riven $10

Road Rash 3d $5

Road Rash- Jailbreak $7

Roswell Conspiracies- Aliens, Myths, and legends $10

Shadow Madness (comes with jade demo disc) $15

Shadow Man $8

Sim City 2000 (small scratches, also I just found the sega saturn version behind the manual) $7

Sim Theme Park (sticker on bind) $8

Sol Divide (has sticker spot and crack on front case, small scratches) $17

Soviet Strike (small scratches) $7

Space Invaders $7

Spot Goes to Hollywood $10

Star Wars- Episode 1 Jedi Power Battles (couple small scratches) $5

Star Wars- Episode 1 The Phantom Menace (Scratches around disc) $5

Starwinder (smudge and couple small scratches) $6

Syphon Filter $6

Tail of the Sun (circular scratches case has 2 sticker spots, bind has broke plastic) $28

Tarzan $11

Tenchu- Stealth Assassins $8

Tenchu 2 $18

The Bombing Islands (small scratches) $5

The Crow- City of Angels (sticker on bind) $30

The Divide- Enemies Within (few fingerprints) $40

The Land Before Time- Return to the Great Valley ( small scratches around disc) $6

The Lion King- Simbas Mighty Adventure $8

The Simpsons Wrestling (small scratches, black cd tray) $10

The Unholy War (small scratches) $18

Theme Hospital $30

Theme Park $10

Tiny Toon Adventures- Pluckys Big Adventure (sealed but case is cracked and plastic wrap is coming off in a section) $5

Tomb Raider- The Last Revelation $8

Toonenstein- Dare to Scare $9

Toy Story 2 (front case crack, scratches around disc) $5

Urban Chaos $10

Vigilante 8 (sealed) $35

Wild 9 (has smudge like on disc) $10

Worms- World Party (sticker mark on case, small scratches, hook gone front case) $5

X files (disc 3 has small mark from coming unhinged) $11

Xmen Mutant Academy (couple small scratches)$7

Xmen Mutant Academy 2 $17

Heres the PS2

.Hack- Infection (comes with bonus disc) $13

Ape Escape 2 (case has sticker on it, disc has some scratches) $14

Ape Escape 3 $22

Army Men- Soldiers of Misfortune (sealed) $7

Atelier Iris- Eternal Mana $22

Bad Boys- Miami Takedown $4

Bards Tale (one small scratch) $8

Bombastic (sticker on case, couple light scratches) $5

Brave- The Search for Spirit Dancer (sealed) $17

Breath of Fire- Dragon Quarter (some light scratches, srticker on case) $12

Bully $7

Chaos Wars (only opened cause I thought loose disc but was manual moving) $15

Cocoto Fishing Master (sealed) $5

Crash- of the Titans (couple light scratches) $7

Crash- Twinsanity $10

Dark Angel- Vampire Apocalypse (sticker mark) $9

Dark Cloud (fingerprint, sticker on front case) $10

Dark Cloud 2 $15

Dawn Of Mana (sticker on front case) $18

Destroy All Humans $7

Destroy All Humans 2 (sealed) $35

Deus Ex- The Conspiracy $8

Disgaea- Hour of Darkness (price sticker on case) $8

Dirge of Cerberus FF7 (price sticker on case) $13

Drakengard (price sticker on front case) $30

Dynasty Warriors 2 $7

Ecco The Dolphin- Defender of the Future $6

Evergrace (sticker on case, disc has smudges) $5

Extermination $10

Front Mission 4 (has price sticker on it) $10

Galerians: Ash (sticker on case) $17

Garfield- Lasagna World Tour (sealed) $15

Grandia Xtreme (some scratches on disc) $30

Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas (couple little scratches, smudge) $6

Grand Theft Auto- Vice City (sealed) $7

Grand Theft Auto- Vice City $5

Half-Life (some light scratches, price sticker on front case) $20

Haven- Call of the King (price sticker on bind) $4

Herdy Gerdy (real small scratches) $5

Hunter the Reckoning- Wayward (fingerprint) $8

I-Ninja $10

Indigo Prophecy $13

Jak and Daxter- The Lost Frontier (sealed) $16

Jak X- Combat Racing $7

Kao- Round 2 the Kangaroo $8

Killzone (sticker on case) $5

Lapucelle Tactics (couple small scratches, price sticker on case) $7

Legaia 2- Duel Saga $13

Mafia (stickers on case) $5

Magna Carta- Tears of Blood (sticker on case)(just case,manual,artwork,disc) $25

Mana Khemia- Alchemists of Al-Revis $20

Manhunt (couple light scratches on disc, sticker on case) $8

Max Payne (couple scratches, sticker on case) $4

Megaman Anniversary Collection $7

Megaman X Collection (small scratches around disc, gamestop sticker) $7

Metal Saga $26

Metropolismania $8

Metropolismania 2 $9

Minority Report- Everybody Runs $5

Mission Impossible M:I- Operation Surma (comes with atari stickers) $4

Mortal Kombat- Armageddon (light scratches, sticker on case, # written on disc) $5

Mortal Kombat- Shaolin Monks (price sticker on front) $11

Myst 3- Exile (sticker on bac) $6

Mystic Heroes (price sticker on back) $7

Obscure- The Aftermath $12

Odin Sphere (small scratch, small smudge) $15

Orphen- Scion of Sorcery (price sticker on case) $6

Phantom Brave (comes with soundtrack) $14

Phantasy Star Universe (sealed but little tear in the top back) $12

Pirates- Legend of the Black Buccaneer (sealed) $7

Pitfall- The Lost Expedition $7

Pryzm- Chapter One: The Dark Unicorn (has sticker on front case) $5

Raw Danger (has a price sticker on front) $13

Rayman 2- Revolution (a couple small scratches, price sticker) $6

Rayman 3- Hoodlum Havoc ( stickers on case, some circular scrathes on disc) $7

Red Faction (price sticker on bind) $5

Red Faction 2 (price sticker on bind) $4

Reservoir Dogs $5

Romancing Saga (price sticker on case) $19

Second Sight (has price sticker on front case) $8

Secret Agent Clank (sticker on front case) $7

Secret Service $5

Sega Genesis Collection (few small scratches, sticker on case) $9

Shamu's Deep Sea Adventure (sealed) $5

Shin Megami Tensei- Digital Devil Saga (sealed) $15

Shin Megami Tensei- Digital Devil Saga 2 (sealed) $15

Shin Megami Tensei- Nocturine (sealed) $15

Silent Hill 4- The Room $40

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (price sticker on case) $9

Spiderman (has scratches around disc) $4

Splinter Cell- Pandora Tomorrow (small smudge) $6

Splinter Cell- Stealth Action Redefined $5

Star Ocean- Till the End of Time $10

Star Wars Battlefront $8

Star Wars- Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith $8

State Of Emergency (couple small scratches on disc) $5

Superman Returns $4

Superman- Shadow of Apokolips (sticker on case) $7

Tak- And the Power of the Juju (some scratches around disc) $6

Tak 2- The staff of Dreams (couple small scratches) $5

Tak- The Great Juju Challenge $6

Tak- Guardians of Gross $5

Teen Titans (some small scratches) $12

The Adventures of Darwin $12

The Bouncer $11

The Getaway (couple small scratches on disc) $4

The Lord of the Rings- The Third Age $5

The Nightmare of Druaga- Fushigino Dungeon (sealed) $16

The Secret Saturdays- Beasts of the 5th Sun $10

The Suffering- Ties That Bind (couple small scratches and smudge) $17

The Simpsons- Hit and Run $15

The X Files- Resist or Serve (price sticker on case) $20

Thrillville $5

Thrillville- Off the Rails (couple scratches) $5

Timesplitters- Future Perfect $21

Tomb Raider- Legend (sticker on front case) $5

Tomb Raider- The Angel of Darkness (has sticker on case) $11

Tony Hawks- American Wasteland $8

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 $5

True Crime- New York City (sealed) $21

Ty- The Tasmanian Tiger (price sticker on case) $6

Ty 3-The Tasmanian Tiger- Night of the Quinkan (price sticker on case) $13

Valkyrie Profile 2- Silmeria (price sticker on bind) $20

Vexx (disc looks refurbished) $7

Virtua Quest (sealed) $14

Unlimited Saga (2 stickers on case) $9

Wallace and Gromit- In Project Zoo (smudge) $7

Whiplash $11

Woody Woodpecker $10

Worms 3D $6

Xenosaga- Episode 2 (sticker on case) $25

Xmen Legends $5

Xmen Legends 2- Rise of the Apocalypse (small scratch) $7

Yakuza (price sticker) $17

Y's- The Ark of Napishtim $23

Ps3 Games

3d Dot Game Heroes (price sticker on front) $15

Alice- Madness Returns (price sticker on front) $17

Alpha Protocol (price sticker on case) $7

Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star (price sticker on case) $20

Atelier Ayesha- The Alchemist of Dusk (price sticker on case) $16

Atelier Meruru- The Apprentice of Arland (price sticker on case) $12

Atelier Rorona- The Alchemist of Arland (price sticker on case) $10

Atelier Totori- The Adventurer of Arland $14

Best of Playstation Network Vol 1 (sealed) $11

Binary Domain (price sticker on front case) $14

Bionic Commando (price sticker on case) $11

Cabelas Survival- Shadows of Katmai (sealed) $9

Castlevania- Lords of the Shadow Collection (price sticker on case) $40

Cross X Edge (price sticker on case) $19

Dark Sector $5

Dark Souls (greatest Hits) $6

Destroy All Humans- Path of the Furon (sealed, pegi rating only physical for this game available) $40

Dead Space (price sticker on case) $8

Dead Island GOTY $5

Deadly Premonition Directors Cut $40

Deus Ex- Human Revolution (sticker on case) $5

Disgaea 2- A Brighter Darkness (price sticker on front and back of case) $10

Disgaea 3- Absence of Justice (sealed except its ripped at the bottom of case) $12

Disgaea 4- A Promise Unforgotten (sealed but has seal tear on bind) $15

Ducktales Remastered (price sticker on case) $4

El Shaddai- Ascension of the Metatron $16

Enchanted Arms $13

Enslaved- Odyssey to the West $12

Eternal Sonata (price sticker on case) $12

Fairytale Fights $5

Falling Skies the Game $5

Fallout 3 GOTY edition (greatest Hits) $13

Fallout New Vegas- Ultimate Edition $15

Final Fantasy 13 (price sticker on case) $6

Final Fantasy 13-2 $8

Folklore $20

Generator Rex- Agent of Providence (sealed) $11

Ghostbusters the videogame (price sticker on case) $20

God of War 3 (price sticker on case) $10

God of War- Ascension (price sticker on case) $7

God of War- Collection 1 and 2 $16

God of War- Origins Collection (price sticker on case) $12

Grand Theft Auto 4 $7

Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City (comes with map/poster) $10

Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas (sealed) $18

Heavy Rain $5

Heavenly Sword $5

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds (price sticker on case) $14

Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 (sealed) $35

Ico & Shadow of Colossus Collection $8

Jak and Daxter Collection (sticker on case) $16

Kane and Lynch- Dead Men $5

L.A. Noire (comes with all the stuff with black label) $10

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (price sticker on case) $18

Marvel Ultimate Alliance $15

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (price sticker on case) $16

Mass Effect Triology $20

Metal Gear Solid- The Legacy Collection 1987-2012 (I have case manual and artwork, disc) $20

Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe $7

Mortal Kombat- Komplete Edition ( the one with freddy kreuger in it) $14

Mugen Souls (sealed theres a bounos soundtrack or something sealed inside also) $25

Nier $22

Ni No Kuni- Wrath of the White Witch $23

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Collectors Edtion ( behind the scenes footage disc still sealed) $38

One Piece: Pirate Warriors (sealed but seal has a tear in it, Pegi rating(import)) $25

Portal 2 $8

Port Royale 3- Pirates and Merchants (sticker on case) $5

Puppeteer (sealed) $15

Rage $5

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace (sticker on front case) $10

Ratchet and Clank Collection 1,2,3 $14

Ratchet and Clank- Full Frontal Assault (sealed but missing part of seal on front case) $14

Ratchet and Clank- Quest for Booty (sealed, pegi rating only physical available) $23

Record of Agarest War Zero (price tag on sticker) $10

Record of Agarest War 2 (price sticker on case) $20

Remember Me $10

Resident Evil- Remaster (Japan Import, has english voices and subtitles) $20

Resident Evil- Revelations $13

Resident Evil- Operation Raccoon City (sticker on front case) $5

Resistance- Fall of Man $5

Resonance of Fate (price sticker on case) $10

Risen 2- Dark Waters (has Map) $7

Rune Factory- Tides of Destiny (price sticker on case) $17

Saw $16

Saw 2 (sticker on case) $20

Short Peace RankoTsukigime's Longest Day (sealed pegi import) $28

Silent Hill- Homecoming $11

Sly Cooper Collection 1,2,3 (sealed) $25

Sly Cooper- Thieves in Time $8

Sonic Generations (price sticker on case) $10

Sonic the Hedgehog $8

Spatterhouse (price sticker on case) $20

Star Ocean- The Last Hope- International $8

Steins Gate (sealed) $25

Strider (sealed japan import supposedly theres english options) $40

Tales of Graces F (sticker on bind) $13

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles $8

Tales of Xillia- Limited Edition (doesnt have dlc voucher) $18

Tales of Xillia 2 (sealed) $20

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Danger of the Ooze (price sticker on case) $14

The Awakened Fate Ultiimatum (sealed) $20

The Guided Fate Paradox $14

The Bureau- Xcom Declassified (Slipcover has sticky residue from sealed stickers) $10

The Darkness $7

The Darkness 2 (limited edition, codes are probably used, price sticker on case) $7

The Godfather 1- The Dons Edition $18

The Godfather 2 (price sticker on case) $6

The Saboteur (sticker on case) $8

The Simpsons Game (stickers on case) $20

Thor- God of Thunder $7

The Orange Box (has tear in artwork about an inch long right at the top of n in orange) $20

Tom Clancys Endwar $6

Tomb Raider- Underworld (price sticker on case) $8

Tornado Outbreak (sticker on case) $17

Two Worlds 2 (price sticker on case) $5

Unreal Tournament U (price sticker on case) $4

Virtua Tennis 3 $4

White Knight Chronicles 2 (comes with bonus first game) $10

Xcom- Enemy Within (this is the complete edition with all dlc) $15

Yakuza 4 $20

Yakuza Dead Souls (sealed) $18

Wii Game

Monster Hunter Tri 3 $8

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Default Re: Ps1 and Ps2 titles for sale

I went through and updated my list and deleted stuff I sold.

Thanks guys
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shinoff2183 shinoff2183 is offline
shinoff2183's Flag is: United States
Join Date: Dec 2016
Posts: 5
Default Re: Ps1 and Ps2 titles for sale

I added my ps3 games and have updated the list.
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