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Default WTB Steelbooks for PS3 and PC

Want To Buy Steelbooks

Title: G1 Size:

Assassins Creed 2 steelbook (spanish version), Assassins Creed Brotherhood stickerbook (mediamarkt netherlands) and Assassins Creed collection steelbook (futureshop),

Batman Arkham City (Catowoman, Two-Face, Penguin)

Dead Island

Far Cry 4 (Australian Version)

Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Mass Effect 1 (PC)

Mass Effect 2 (PC)

Mass Effect 3 (the one with the woman on the cover)


1. 2Dark Limited (Steelbook) Edition (EU) (PC,PS4,XB1)

3. Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! - Collector's Edition (Jumbo Steelbook) (Amazon/USA) (N3DS)
4. Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage Collector's Edition (Jumbo Steelbook) (Amazon/USA) (N3DS)
5. Age of Empires Definitve Edition (MediaMarkt,Saturn/GER) (PC)
6. Assassin's Creed Origins Gold Steelbook Edition (NA) (PS4,XB1)
7. Attack on Titan 2 Wings Of Freedom Pre-Order Steelbook (EU) March 16,2018
8. Awesomenauts Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/NA) (PC)
9. Axiom Verge Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/NA) (PC)

11. Battleborn - Steelbook Edition (EU) (Amazon/GER) (PC,PS4,XB1)

15. Bloodborne Collector's Edition (USA) (PS4)
16. Bloodborne Nightmare Edition (EU) (PS4)
17. Bloodborne Saw Cleaver Steelbook Edition (EU) (PS4)
18. Bloodbowl 2 Pre-Order Steelbook (EU) (PS4,XB1)
19. Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Edition (EU,USA,HKG) (PS3)
20. Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway Steelbook Edition (Game/UK) (PS3)

23. Chariot Pre-Order Steelbook (Gamestop/NA) (PC)
24. Clive Barker's Jericho Special Edition (UK) (PS3)
25. Colin McRae: Dirt Steelbook Edition (Game/UK,Amazon/GER) (PS3)
26. Dark Souls Prepare to die Edition (Zavvi/UK) (PS3)
27. Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Edition (US) (PS3)
28. Dead Rising 4 Pre-order Steelbook (AUT,EBGames/AUS) (XB1)
29. Deformers Collector's Edition (Gamestop/USA) (PC,PS4,XB1)
30. Destiny Ghost Edition (Amazon/PS4,XB1) /Limited Edition (EU/NA) (PS3,PS4,XB1)
31. Destiny: The Taken King Collectors Edition (EU,NA) (PS4,XB1)
32. Destiny 2 Collector's Edition/Limited Edition (EU,NA) (PC,PS4,XB1)
33. Detroit Become Human Steelbook Special Edition (EU) (PS4) May 25, 2018
34. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Collector's Edition (EU) (PS4,XB1)
35. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Day One Edition (Saturn/Germany)/ Limited Edition (Amazon/ESP)/Steelbook Edition (Game/UK,Micromania/FRA) (PS4,XB1)
36. Dishonored 2 - Collector’s Edition (EU,NA) (PC,PS4,XB1)
37. Dishonored 2 - Throne Pre-Order Steelbook (EU) (PC,PS4,XB1)
38. Dishonored 2 - Throne Pre-Order Steelbook (NA) (PC,PS4,XB1)
39. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Limited Steelbook Edition (EU) (PS4) January 30, 2018
40. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Steelbook Brawler Edition (Amazon/USA) (PS4) January 30,2018
41. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Steelbook Brawler Edition (Amazon/USA) (PS4) January 30,2018
42. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Steelbook Brawler Edition (Amazon/USA) (PS4) January 30,2018
43. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Ultimate Collector's Edition (Square Enix Online Store/EU,NA) (PS4) January 30,2018
44. Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition (EBGames/AUS,EU) (PS4,XB1)
45. Doom - Collector's Edition (Amazon/EU,NA) (PC,PS4,XB1)
46. Doom - UAC Bundle (BestBuy/NA) (PS4/XB1)
47. Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition (EU) (PS3) (Jumbo Steelbook)
48. Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor`s Edition (EU,NA) (PS4,XB1)
49. Dragon Ball Fighter Z CollectorZ Edition (Amazon/USA) (PS4,XB1) February 2018
50. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Limited Edition (AUS,EU) (PS3)
51. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Collector's Edition (Amazon/USA) (PS4,XB1)
52. Dragon Quest Heroes Pre-Order Steelbook (HKG) (PS4)
53. Driveclub Pre-Order Steelbook/Special Edition (EU) (PS4)
54. Dying Light Pre-Order Steelbook (Gamesonly/AUT) (PC,PS4,XB1)

56. Ether One Limited Edition (UK) (PS4,XBX1)
57. F1 2016 Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/GER,Gameware/AUT) (PS4,XB1)
58. F1 2017 Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/GER) (PC,PS4,XB1)

61. Far Cry 5 Steelbook Gold Edition (Amazon/USA) (PC,PS4,XB1)/Resistance Edition (GameStop/USA) (PC,PS4,XB1) March 27, 2018

63. FIFA 11 Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/ITA) (PS3)
64. FIFA 14 Ultimate Edition (EU,NA) (PS3,PS4,XB1)
65. FIFA 15 Club Edition Al-Ahli S.F.C. Pre-Order Steelbook (SAU) (PS3,PS4,XB1)
66. FIFA 15 Club Edition Al-Hilal FC Pre-Order Steelbook (SAU) (PS3,PS4,XB1)
67. FIFA 15 Club Edition Al-Ittihad Club Pre-Order Steelbook (SAU) (PS3,PS4,XB1)
68. FIFA 15 Club Edition Al-Nassr FC Pre-Order Steelbook (SAU) (PS3,PS4,XB1)
69. FIFA 15 Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/ITA) (PS3,PS4,XB1)
70. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition (EU/NA) (PS3,PS4,XB1)
71. FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition/Steelbook Edition (PS3,PS4,XB1)
72. FIFA 16 Pre-Order Steelbook with Ball (Game/UK,Amazon/USA) (PS3,PS4,XB1)
73. FIFA 17 Deluxe Steelbook Edition/Steelbook Edition/Pre-Order Steelbook (Amazon/UK,GER,FRA) (PC,PS4,XB1)
74. FIFA 18 Club Edition Ajax Amsterdam Pre-Order Steelbook (NLD) (PC,PS4,XB1)
75. FIFA 18 Club Edition PSV Eindhoven Pre-Order Steelbook (NLD) (PC,PS4,XB1)
76. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector's Edition (EU/NA) (PS4,XB1)
77. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Steelbook Edition (EU/NA) (PS4,XB1)
78. Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age Collector's Edition (Square Enix Online Store/EU,NA) (PS4)
79. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Pre-Order Steelbook (FRA) (PS3,PS4)

81. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered Limited Edition (EU) (PS3,PS4)
82. Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition (Asia,EU) (PS4,XB1) (different position of inside artwork)
83. Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition (NA) (PS4,XB1) (different position of inside artwork)
84. Final Fantasy XV Steelbook Edition (CHN) (PS4,XB1) (same artwork inside and outside like the asian and european deluxe edition but no deluxe edition on the spine and only one disc holder)
85. Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition (Square Enix Online Store/EU,NA) (PS4,XB1)*
86. Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition (Square Enix Online Store/EU,NA) (PS4,XB1)*
87. Forza Horizon 3 - Ultimate Edition (EBGames,JB Hi-Fi/AUS,Mediamarkt/GER,USA) (XB1)
88. Forza Motorsport 5 Limited Edition (EU/NA) (XB1)
89. Forza Motorsport 6 Pre-Order Steelbook (EBGames/AUS) (XB1)
90. Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition (Amazon/GER,USA,Gamestop/USA) (XB1)
91. Friday the 13th Collector's Edition Steelbook (Kickstarter/USA) (PC,PS4,XB1)
92. Gears of War 4 - Collector's Edition/Ultimate Edition (EU) (XB1)
93. God of War: Collectors Edition(EU,NA)/Limited Edition (EU,NA)/Stone Mason Edition (GameStop/USA) (PS4)
94. God of War: Omega Edition (Latin America) (PS3)

96. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/NA) (PC)
97. Halo - The Masterchief Collection (Game/UK) (XB1)
98. Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition/Limited Collector's Edition (EU,NA) (XB1) (Jumbo Steelbook)
99. Halo Wars 2 Atriox Edition/Ultimate Atriox Edition (EBGames/AUS,AUT) (XB1)
100. Hatsune Miku Project Diva X Steelbook Edition (Asia) (PS Vita)

102. Hokuto Ga Gotoku Pre-Order Steelbook (GEO/JPN) (PS4) 2018.03.08
103. Homefront Pre-Order Stickerbook (BEL) (PC)

106. Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector’s Edition (EU) (with text) (PS3)
107. Injustice 2 Deluxe Edition with Steelbook (Game/UK) (PS4,XB1)
108. Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition (EBGames/AUS,Amazon/GER) (PS4,XB1)

110. Jotun: Valhalla Edition Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/NA) (PC)
111. Kingdom Come: Deliverance Collector’s Edition (EU) (PC,PS4,XB1) February 13, 2018.
112. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Collector's Edition (USA,EU) (PS3)
113. LEGO Minifigures Online Steelbook Edition (Tesco/UK) (PC)
114. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Steelbook Edition (Amazon/UK) (PS4,XB1)
115. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pre-Order Steelbook (Amazon/ESP) (PS4,XB1)
116. Little Big Planet 2 Collectors Edition (EU) (PS3)
117. Lost Horizon 2 Limited Steelbook Edition (Amazon/GER) (PC)
118. Mad Max Post-Apocalypse Edition (EBGames/AUS) (PS4,XB1)
119. Madden NFL 16 Steelbook Edition (Amazon/USA) (PS4,XB1)
120. Mafia II Steelbook Edition (EU,USA) (PS3)
121. MAG Collector's Edition (EU) (PS3)
122. Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Collector's Edition/Deluxe Steelbook Edition (EU,NA) (PS4,XB1)
123. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Special Edition (USA) (different words on the back) (PS3)
124. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Premium Package/Premium Package Konami Style Special Edition (Konamistyle/JPN) (PS3)
125. Minecraft: PS4 Steelbook Edition (Amazon/GER) (PS4)
126. Minecraft: XB1 Steelbook Edition (Saturn/GER) (XB1)
127. Mirror's Edge Steelbook Edition (Game/ESP) (PS3)
128. MLB The Show 15: 10th Anniversary Edition (USA) (PS4)
129. MLB The Show 16: MVP-Edition (Amazon/USA) (PS4)
130. MLB The Show 17: Hall of Fame (GameStop/USA,EBGames/CAN)/MVP Edition (NA) (PS4)
131. MLB The Show 18: All Rise Edition/MVP Edition (NA) (PS4) 3.27.2018
132. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Collector's Edition (EU) (PS3)
133. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Collector's Edition (USA) (PS3)
134. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Pre-Order Limited Edition Steelbook (BestBuy/NA) (PS4,XB1)
135. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 - Road to Boruto Pre-Order Steelbook (Name of the Game written in English on the spine) (SGP) (PS4,XB1)
136. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy (Amazon/USA) (PS4,XB1)

138. Need for Speed - Steelbook Edition (Amazon/USA) (PS4,XB1)
139. Need For Speed - Undercover Steelbook Edition (ESP) (PS3)
140. NHL 13 Stanley Cup Edition (GER) (PS3)
141. NHL 15 Pre-Order Steelbook (FutureShop/CAN) (PS4,XB1)
142. NHL 15 Club Edition Brynäs IF (SWE) (PS4,XB1)
143. NHL 15 Club Edition Djurgården Hockey (SWE) (PS4,XB1)
144. NHL 15 Club Edition Frölunda HC (SWE) (PS4,XB1)
145. NHL 15 Club Edition Färjestad BK (SWE) (PS4,XB1)
146. NHL 15 Club Edition HV71 (SWE) (PS4,XB1)
147. NHL 15 Club Edition Leksands IF (SWE) (PS4,XB1)
148. NHL 15 Club Edition Linköpings HC (SWE) (PS4,XB1)
149. NHL 15 Club Edition Luleå HF (SWE) (PS4,XB1)
150. NHL 15 Club Edition MODO Hockey (SWE) (PS4,XB1)
151. NHL 15 Club Edition Örebro HK (SWE) (PS4,XB1)
152. NHL 15 Club Edition Skellefteå AIK (SWE) (PS4,XB1)
153. NHL 15 Club Edition Växjö Lakers Hockey (SWE) (PS4,XB1)
154. NHL 15 Club Edition Ässät (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
155. NHL 15 Club Edition Espoo Blues (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
156. NHL 15 Club Edition HIFK (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
157. NHL 15 Club Edition HPK (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
158. NHL 15 Club Edition Ilves (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
159. NHL 15 Club Edition JYP (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
160. NHL 15 Club Edition KaiPa (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
161. NHL 15 Club Edition Kärpät (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
162. NHL 15 Club Edition Likko (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
163. NHL 15 Club Edition Pelicans (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
164. NHL 15 Club Edition SaiPa (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
165. NHL 15 Club Edition Sport (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
166. NHL 15 Club Edition Tappara (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
167. NHL 15 Club Edition TPS (FIN) (PS4,XB1)
168. NHL 16 Nuoret Leijonat Limited Edition (=Young Lions Limited Edition) (FIN) (XB1)
169. NHL 16 Steelbook Edition (Amazon/NA) (PS4,XB1)
170. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Pre-Order Steelbook (NA) (PS3)
171. Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Collectors Edition/Premium Edition (NA) (PS4)
172. Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom E3 Exclusive Steelbook (PC,PS4)
173. Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Kings Edition (UK)/Prince Edition (EU) (PS4)
174. NieR: Automata - Black Box Edition (EU,USA)/Limited Edition (EBGames/AUS,EU,USA) (PS4)
175. No Man’s Sky - Limited Edition (NA) (PS4)
176. No Man’s Sky - Limited Edition (EU) (PS4)
177. Nuclear Throne Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/NA) (PC)
178. One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Pre-Order Steelbook (FRA) (PS3)

180. Overwatch - Collector's Edition (EU/NA) (PC,PS4/XB1)
181. Persona 5 Pre-Order Steelbook (GEO/JPN) (PS4)
182. Persona 5 Limited Steelbook D1-Edition (MediaMarkt/GER)/Steelbook Launch Edition (NA)/Take your Heart Collector's Edition (MediaMarkt/GER) (PS4)
183. Persona 5: Dancing Star Night and Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night Pre-Order Steelbook (GEO/JPN) (PS4)
184. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Steelbook Edition (Amazon/UK) (PS3)

186. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Copa Santander Libertadores Pre-Order Steelbook (Latin America) (PS3)
187. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Manchester United Pre-Order Steelbook (Latin America) (PS3)
188. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 UEFA Champions League Trophy Pre-Order Steelbook (EU) (PS3)
189. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 FC Barcelona Edition (EU,NA) (PS4)/Winning Eleven 2017 Steelbook Edition (HKG) (PS4)
190. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Legendary Edition (EU,NA) (PS4,XB1)
191. Project Cars 2 Collector's Edition/Ultra Edition (EU) (PC,PS4,XB1)
192. Project Cars 2 Limited Edition (EU) (PC,PS4,XB1)
193. Prototype 2 Pre-Order Steelbook (BestBuy/US) (PS3)
194. Psycho Break Limited Steelbook Edition (JPN) (PS4)
195. Punch Club (GameStop/NA) (PC)

197. Rogue Legacy Pre-Order Steelbook (Gamestop/NA) (PC)
198. Rugby League Live 4 (EBGames/AUS,NZL) (PS4,XB1)
199. Saints Row 2 Steelbook Edition (EU) (PS3)
200. Saint Seiya Pre-Order Steelbook (Micromania/FRA) (PS3)
201. Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul - Steelbook Edition (CHN) (PS4)
202. Shadow of the Colossus Special Edition (USA) (PS4) February 6, 2018
203. Smackdown vs Raw 2008 SteelBook Edition (AUS) (PS3)
204. Smackdown vs Raw 2008 Collector's Edition (GameStop/USA) (PS3)
205. Smackdown vs Raw 2009 SteelBook Edition (EU) (PS3)
206. Sniper: Ghost Warrior - Bulletproof Edition (Game/UK) (PS3)
207. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - Bulletproof Edition (USA) (PS3)
208. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - Collector’s Edition (EU) (PS3)
209. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/GER,Amazon/ITA) (PS4,XB1)
210. Song of the Deep Collector's Edition (Gamestop/NA) (PS4,XB1)
211. South Park: The Fractured But Whole Steelbook Gold Edition/Pre-Order Steelbook (Amazon/FRA) (PS4,XB1)
212. South Park: The Fractured But Whole Steelbook Gold Edition (Amazon/USA) (PS4,XB1)
213. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness - Limited Edition (EU) (PS4)
214. Steins;Gate Elite Pre-Order Steelbook (GEO/JPN) (PS4) 2018.03.15
215. Street Fighter V - Day One Steelbook Edition (EU) (PS4)
216. Stories: The Path of Destinies Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/NA) (PC)
217. Sudden Strike 4 - Steelbook Edition (Amazon/GER) (PC,PS4)
Super Robot Wars X /Super Robot Taisen X Pre-Order Steelbook (HKG)/Steelbook Edition (TWN) (PS4,PSVita)
218. Super Smash Brothers Pre-Order Steelbook (FutureShop/CAN) (Wii U)
219. Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Collector’s Edition (USA) (PS4)
220. Sword Art Online Pre-Order Steelbook (GEO/JPN) (PS4) 2018.02.08
221. Tales of Berseria Collector’s Edition (Amazon/USA) (PS4)
222. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector’s Edition (USA) (PS3)
223. Tales of Xillia 2 Collector's Edition (USA) (PS3)
224. Tales of Zestiria Collector's Edition (USA) (PS4)
225. Tekken 7 Collector's Edition (EU,NA) (PC,PS4,XB1)
226. Tekken 7 Steelbook Edition (EBGames/AUS) (PC,PS4,XB1)
227. Tekken 7 Steelbook Edition (Amazon/FRA)/Pre-Order Steelbook (BestBuy/USA) (PS4,XB1)
228. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Steelbook Edition (UK) (PS3)
229. The Crew 2 Steelbook Gold Edition (Ubisoft Store/USA) (PS4,XB1) Summer/Fall 2018
The Crew 2 Pre-Order Steelbook (without game) (Amazon/GER) June 29,2018
230. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition (USA) (PS3)
231. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Remastered (Amazon/USA) (PS4,XB1)
232. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind - Collector's Edition (Amazon/GER,USA) (PC,PS4,XB1)
233. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Pre-Order Steelbook (EBGames/CAN) (PC,PS4,XB1)
The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset - Collectors Edition (EU) May 21, 2018
234. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - Steelbook Edition (EU) (PS4,XB1)
235. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - Steelbook Edition (MediaMarkt/Saturn/GER) (PS4)
236. The King of Fighters XIV Burn to Fight Edition/D1-Edition (EU,NA) (PS4)
237. The King of Fighters XIV Burn to Fight Edition/D1-Edition (HKG) (PS4) (different reflection and different words printed on the back compared to the EU- and NA-Version)
238. The King of Fighters XIV Collector's Edition (CHN) (PS4)
239. The Last Guardian Collector's Edition/Special Edition (EU) (PS4)
240. The Last Guardian Collector's Edition/Special Edition (NA) (PS4)
241. The Technomancer - Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/GER, Game/Spain,UK) (PS4/XB1)
242. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Collector's Edition (EU) (PS4,XB1) (mat surface)
243. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Collector's Edition (NA) (PS4,XB1) (glossy surface)
244. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - "Skellige" Pre-Order Steelbook (EU) (PS4,XB1) (mat surface)
245. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - "Skellige" Pre-Order Steelbook (NA) (PS4,XB1) (glossy surface)
246. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - "Novigrad" Pre-Order Steelbook (EU) (PS4,XB1) (mat surface)
247. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - "Novigrad" Pre-Order Steelbook (NA) (PS4,XB1) (glossy surface)
248. Thomas Was Alone Pre-Order Steelbook (GameStop/NA) (PC)
249. Titanfall Steelbook Edition (Amazon/GER) (XB1)
250. Titanfall 2 Steelbook Edition (Amazon/USA) (PS4,XB1)
251. Tom Clancy's End War Steelbook Edition (Play/UK) (PS3)

253. Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 Steelbook Edition (Play/UK) (PS3)
254. Torment: Tides of Numenera D1 Edition/Pre-Order Steelbook (AUT,POL) (PS4,XB1)
255. Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Limited Edition (PC) (EU) 2018
256. Tower of Guns Limited Edition/Steelbook Edition (EU) (PS4,XB1)
257. Transformers: Devastation Steelbook Edition (JD/CHN) (PS4)
258. Turok Steelbook Edition (Game/UK) (PS3)
259. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Libertalia Collector's Edition/Special Edition (EU) (PS4)

261. Valentino Rossi - The Game (MotoGP 2016) Collector's Edition (Amazon/EU) (PS4)

263. Wiedzmin: Edycja Rozszerzona (The Witcher: Enhanced Edition) (Muve/POL) (PC)
264. Wiedzmin 2: Zabójcy Królów - Edycja Rozszerzona (The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Enhanced Edition) (Muve/POL) (PC)
265. Wiedzmin 3: Dziki Gon- Edycja Gry Roku (The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition) (Muve/POL) (PC,PS4,XB1)
266. Winning Eleven 2013 Manchester United Edition (HKG) (PS3)

268. WWE 2K16 Steelbook Edition (PS4/XB1) (EU)
269. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Collector's Edition (Amazon/JPN) (NSW)
270. Yakuza Kiwami Steelbook Edition (EU,Amazon/USA) (PS4)
271. Yakuza Kiwami 2 Pre-Order Steelbook (GEO/JPN) (PS4)
272. Yakuza Kiwami 2 Steelbook Edition (EU,NA) (PS4) August 28,2018
273. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Limited Edition (NISAOnlineStore/EU,USA) (PS4,PS Vita)

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