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Old 10-01-2010, 09:38 PM
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Default Re: Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Unboxing

Wow...$90 for shipping? That is double what the game is worth.
Old 10-02-2010, 04:56 PM
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Default Re: Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Unboxing

Ah, figured it out, I apparently ordered 3 copies by mistake that's why it cost me £150. Funny I didn't have to pay any tax or duties though.

Don't have anyway to send the other 2 back to Capcom so sent tham all.

On it's way now.

order a lot of stuff through Rinkya (a company that will re-ship you goods from Japan) and for games I usually pay like $25-$30 for shipping...
This sound interesting, do you get your own address so can order from amazon Japan.
Old 10-02-2010, 07:20 PM
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Default Re: Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Unboxing

no, Rinkya only works with Yahoo Auctions Japan (what Japan uses instead of eBay) they handle the bidding for you and everything...

on another note I FINALLY got my High Stakes Edition though it wasn't packed very well so the large yellow box is crinkled slightly

Old 10-05-2010, 07:13 PM
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Default Re: Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Unboxing

Finally received my High Stakes Edition!!! Looks good next to my Zombrex Edition. Waiting on my Outbreak and Zombify yourself edition to arrive form the UK sometime this week, then my DR2 set will be complete.

Well maybe. I've seen some pics of the UK edition of the Zombrex and the box looks different from the NA edition. Is this true? Can someone confirm before I order a UK edition. Hopefully I can just find a box on eBay, don't really need 5 copies of this game.
Old 10-05-2010, 07:49 PM
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Default Re: Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Unboxing

That´s right. The Pal Zombrex, have only the Steelbook and the Pen.

I finished my DR2 Collection today!
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