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12-06-2010, 02:31 PM
DO NOT create a "feedback thread", CE.o uses the iTrader feedback module which works similar to eBay feedback. If you've bought, sold, or traded with another member of CE.o you can leave each other feedback using iTrader.

How To View Feedback:
Every user has a "Feedback Score" that can be clearly seen below their post count on each of their posts. clicking the score will take you to their feedback screen where you can see detailed information about their feedback.

This screen is also available though a "Feedback Score" tab in every user profile page.

Scoring works similar to eBay's feedback system.

How To leave feedback:
(if you are the first person to leave feedback for the transaction)
You should only leave feedback once you consider your portion of the transaction complete.
To leave feedback go to a user's feedback screen then click the "Submit Feedback For " link.

To confirm the validity of the transaction you will need to provide the URL to the related marketplace thread here on the forum. You can use the same thread for more than one transaction. The only requirements are that thread must be in the marketplace and one of the parties in the transaction must have created the thread. If there is no related thread the you may use any existing thread that was created by one of the parties.

Of course you will also need to fill out other information if you were the buyer, seller, or if it was a trade. Whether you had a positive or negative impression, then a brief message describing why you left the feedback that you did.

The larger box is for additional detail.

[U]How To Return feedback:
(if someone else has already left you feedback for the transaction)
If the other party has already left you feedback for a transaction you may return feedback for that same transaction by viewing your own feedback screen find the feedback you received then click the "Leave Return Feedback" icon.

Using this method makes leaving feedback easier as most of the fields, such as the URL, will already be filled out for you.

Rules Regarding Feedback Moderation and Disputes:
A lot of times when negative feedback is left the moderation team will receive a complaint asking us to remove it. In general, these are the guidelines we use. This is not an exhaustive list, we look at every case in-detail before making a decision, but some decisions are clear cut-based on the parameters below.
1. In order for feedback to be valid a transaction must have taken place, either payment or an item must have been transferred from one party to another. Feedback based only on communication without anything changing hands is NOT valid and will be removed.

2. NEGATIVE feedback left for buyers is only allowed if they were sent an item and payment was never fully received. If payment was received in full but you had communication problems you may feel free to send NEUTRAL feedback, but negative feedback left in these situations is NOT warranted and will be removed.

3. Feedback should be left in a timely manor; once the transaction is concluded you should consider leaving feedback within a few days. In the event of a dispute feedback left weeks or even months after a transaction has concluded is considered highly suspect.

4. Any "retaliatory" feedback left is not allowed. If you left someone negative feedback because you're mad that they left you negative feedback, it will be removed and you will risk permanently losing marketplace privileges as a result.

If you have a legitimate complaint about feedback you've received: Please use the "report feedback" option. This will send an email notifying all moderators. Make sure you include as much detail as possible in your report, most of the time we have no idea what the feedback is for or any details about the transaction. The more information you provide the the faster and easier it will be for us to get back to you. It may take several days to get back to you because we want to make sure we fully understand the situation before we respond. Be patient! If you decide to take matters into your own hands and start slandering the other party publicly on the forums, threatening them over PM, or leaving them additional negative feedback then it generally looks very poorly on you, and we will consider your actions when making our decision.

Please reply here with any questions you may have about the iTrader feedback system.

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I'm loving this new feature. Well done.

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