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01-04-2012, 09:16 PM
little big planet 2 ce voucher code
Title:little big planet 2 ce
Platform: ps3
region: PAL UK
Condition: (Sealed, new, used,etc) new
Link to DB Entry: (if exists)

hi i bought the us collectors edition for lbp2 and i have a uk psn account. as its the us collector edition the ce voucher code will not work on my uk psn account and i dont want to creat a us psn account

as a result i bought the uk collector edition steelbook but the voucher doesnt work as previous owner must have redeemed the code :banghead:

as a result i know people collect steelbooks and so people would have the uk steelbook and some may not have used their voucher code for the collector edition items or some people may have a couple of these steelbooks.

i am asking that if possible i could have one of these codes if anyone has a spare and would care to part with one. would help me so much. thank you. if you do could you pm me thanks '_'