View Full Version : WTB: SSX G1 Steelbook

03-29-2012, 12:04 AM
^ Title.

Willing to pay a VERY decent price...I want this bad! :barsong:

EDIT: There is a difference between a decent/good price, and a STUPID price. Please don't bother PM'ing me if you're trying to gouge me; if I wanted to be ripped off, i'd go to eBay, and not ask the community for help in coming to a reasonable deal for both parties involved. There are, sadly, (a) member(s) in this community that will laugh at your face if you don't offer them anything close to an unreasonable price, while not even offering up something of their own when you ask for it.

Thanks! :stop:

04-03-2012, 04:42 AM
I have a mint, G2-size Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Steelbook i am willing to trade for this as well!

04-03-2012, 11:28 AM
i have one mate!

04-03-2012, 04:34 PM
gu8 ill take it

04-04-2012, 01:44 AM
gu8 ill take it
o.O That's not cool. This is someone else's WTB thread.

04-04-2012, 01:55 AM
o.O That's not cool. This is someone else's WTB thread.

Yeahhh....I agree...oh well.

Regardless, gu8 is a bro - we've already come to terms, and he said if i wasn't going to get it, no one else was. ;)