View Full Version : Jak and Daxter Collection promo?

04-10-2012, 03:51 AM
Want To Buy
Title: Jak and Daxter Collection promo
Platform: PS3
region: any
Condition: any

Looking for this..
mostly want those little keychains. I've been somewhat enamored with Jak & Daxter lately and I need some kind of a little thing from the series. Unfortunately with it being an older one, finding things is hard, but these are new? I think?

Also if there any other Sackboy as Sony characters figurines I might want them too. I already have Ratchet, Nathan Drake, and the Chimera one. I might as well collect all of them (IF THEY EXIST?!)

Not sure how the J&D ones were distributed though, but if anyone here has any, please sell? C: