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Default Re: Austria gets TWO special editions for Sniper: Ghost Warrior (PS3)

Hi guys

I have the Survivor edition currently on order, i simply used google chrome inbuilt translator. I paid via paypal and all was good.

I have also just sent an Pm to the admin of the forum incase he can help out mike1888. If the below fails then someone will have to purchase one for you. I willing to do it but I'm from the UK so will have to pay postage.

Here is a guide: You can pay via three ways:

1) Debit Card (Not credit Card)
2) Bank Transfer
3) Credit Card or Paypal acount

So here is the guide:

Firstly add the game to the basket by pressing "in den korb"


Next Click "Kasse" which means checkout, even if you have a paypal account do not click the paypal icon below as it does not create a full account and you won't be able to track the process as much.


Next it's time to make a full account, Click Weiter


You will be asked to enter address information, the english translation is on the right.

Please note that date of birth needs to be in the Euro format. i.e If your date is the 16th May 1980 write this 16.05.1980


Now you need to confirm your shipping address and the cost of shipping. Also if you have multiple item, choose if you want to send at the same time or individually as they are released.


Now it's time to pay,

1) Debit Card - IF you want to pay this way select this option, the next page will be in English if you select the correct country flag on the top right side.

2) Credit card or Paypal account - If you have a paypal account log in, but if you are having problems using paypal simple select you don't have paypal account and enter the information of your card without logging in. Mike1888 this option is for you.

3) Bank transfer - It will supply a Iban number and international sort code for everyone outside Austria and Germany. Also there is separate bank number for German buyers there also. I will not supply this information as I'm sure the company doesn't want their bank details in the public. If you choose this option you simply select the tick box and click next. Then once you pay your account will update. Please note copy and paste what it says here into google translate so you get the right bank details.

Google translator here

Here is a few word translated for you that will be useful

in den korb = Add to basket
Kasse = Checkout
Einkauf Fortsetzen = Contrinue shopping
Aktualisieren = Update
Weiter = Next

Hope this helps everyone placing an order with them.
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