Metro 2033 (Amazon Exclusive Special Edition)

Platform: PC Edition: (Amazon Exclusive Special Edition) Format: DVD-ROM
Published by THQ
Released in Germany on Mar 19, 2010 at a price of €59.99

The Amazon Exclusive Special Edition of Metro 2033 comes in a large cardboard box with a plastic slip cover, it includes the following:

  • Metro branded Watch
  • A bear shaped key ring
  • Hardback novel (A5 sized)
  • Double sided inlay cover for the game case (one side does not display the age rating)

Metro 2033 Amazon Exclusive Special Edition

This Edition is Exclusive to

Other games with Collector's Edition releases from the
Metro franchise.


  1. NikeFerrari:
    What about this one?

  2. twistedsymphony:

  3. Suits:
    Yeah, I have this, pretty lame to be honest.

  4. comaamen86:
    polish edition added to db

    edit found price

  5. farfarnorth:
    Russian CE

    -Retal box
    -DVD game
    -User manual
    -Map of postapocalyptic Moscow metro
    -Watches with logo

    not available for a long time

  6. comaamen86:

    ze german unboxing

  7. Platfus:
    *** Metro 2033 Collector's Edition (Russian) (PC) [DVD-ROM] added to the Database ***

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