Viva Pinata (First Edition)

Platform: Xbox 360
Edition: (First Edition)
Format: NTSC
Released in United States on Nov 09, 2006 at a price of $49.99

While not specifically labeled as a collector’s edition, the original version of the game available at it’s released featured a 3D plastic clam shell case with a rounded top and a matching plastic slip cover.

Inside the case was cardboard an plastic fold out featuring some game art as well as special version of the game manual, another booklet about the game, a disc with some bonus content and a 48 hour Xbox Live Trial.

While this was the only version of the game available at release it was only produced in limited quantities before it was replaced by a version with the standard snap case and none of the extra content.


  1. Gemini-Phoenix:
    This was released alongside the standard version here in the UK for a limited time (Although not exactly a limited edition as such, it does feature limited edition packaging), and for a while both editions were available simutaneously

  2. twistedsymphony:
    that's why it's labeled (First Edition)...

    anything in () was not explicitly labeled as such but was limited none the less.

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