Street Fighter IV Final North American Box Art and Details Revealed

StageSelect has revealed the final North American Box Art details for Street Fighter IV Collector’s Edition.

Detail on what it includes:

North American deets for the long-awaited Collector’s Edition! We’re not just throwing a craptacular “behind-the-scenes” video and “art book” with less images than you can find on any website into a cheesey tin box. Instead, we’re bringing you a gorgeous package that includes:

  1. The game (duh)
  2. A limited-edition (ie., not sold anywhere else) figurine – Ryu in the PS3 box, C. Viper hotness in the 360 flavor. Decisions, decisions…
  3. Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind: a 65 minute anime movie — created by Studio 4C — that sets up the story of SFIV by explaining events post-SFII. BluRay disc in the PS3 box! The Xbox version is a 360 game disc that outputs the movie at 720P, not a DVD.
  4. A mini-strategy guide from Prima, written by the same people doing the full-on guide and illustrated by Udon Comics
  5. CD soundtrack. Rock SFIV stage chunez in your car!
  6. …Plus some secret additional downloadable content that we’re not quite ready to reveal at this point. Look for more announcements soon!

All this wrapped up nicely in a box that features Ikeno-san’s instant classic illustration of Ryu, with images of the other characters on the sides.

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  1. acidlacedpenguin:
    why do they have to do this to me?

    I want Ryu action figure and bluray disc movie but 360 game :_(

    I guess I should buy the PS3 version then just return the game itself and replace it with a basic 360 copy. . .

  2. twistedsymphony:
    I never thought I'd say this but I'm going to get the PS3 version instead of the Xbox 360 version on this one...

    several reasons
    1. I'd rather have a Blu-Ray for the movie instead of the weird Xbox 360 movie disc
    2. Ryu > C Viper
    3. As much as I love the 360 controller and hate the PS3 controller the Xbox 360 d-pad sucks so I'd much rather use the PS pad for fighting games
    4. I'm an achievement whore and SF games have had hard achievements in the past that only serve to frustrate me so ... I'd rather just enjoy the game
    5. Fighting games online make your Xbox Live rep plummet with all the soar losers, so I'd be more likely to play online with the PS3 version

    The down sides to not getting the 360 version
    -I wont be able to play online against my friends that also get this game
    -I wont have a complete 360 CE collection anymore
    -The 360 version will likely be worth more than the PS3 version in the long run

    I'll still get pictures of the 360 version though since I've got a friend who is picking it up... so that works out

  3. RedEvil:
    Mwahahahaha oh? and who might that friend be?

    TRAITOR. Blu ray isnt worth it.

  4. twistedsymphony:
    you're right... it's not... but I already have it so I might as well use the damn thing...

  5. LiquidEffect:
    Why isn't there a Ken figure for the 360 version? Also why not just come out with a DVD lol

  6. Gemini-Phoenix:
    I don't understand why the UK versions get both figures regardless of console, whilst the US version only gets one each depending on which one you choose.

  7. twistedsymphony:
    the UK typically get's better CE games than the US does...

    I mean even when both get the same included items the UK ends up getting a better looking/higher quality case.

    if nothing else you get more options, with several CEs to choose from for a particular game.

  8. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Not quite true. There are lots of American CE's that are much better than the crap we received here. The US Resident Evil V package is amazing compared to what we're getting

  9. twistedsymphony:
    well, it's not a hard fast rule, but more often then not I find myself wishing for the UK version over what we get...

    take a look at Alone in the dark, you get that awesome box with all the goodies, we get an extra slab of plastic in the case with a soundtrack disc

    saints row 2, we get the same stuff but you get the cool looking gun case

    then there are other games like Battlefield Bad Company, and Stranglehold where we got regular plastic cases and you get the same goodies but SteelBook as well

    you got a fallout 3 release with a figurine, you got a MGS4 release with a figurine, you got an Assassin's creed release with a nice big figureine while the US release was only about 2" tall.

    not to mention the numerous games that you get in SteelBook that we don't even get CEs for...

    About the only game I can think of where I liked the US CE better was Devil May Cry 4... everything else that's been released are either the same or I liked the UK release better.

    RE5 isn't out yet... so you don't know if they're planning on screwing us over at the last minute like they love to do so frequently.

  10. LiquidEffect:
    I don't care about that plastic gun that UK had. I thought Saint Row's 2 CE is far more better. Plus I rarely go for any other CE or LE or whatever that is not in a steelbook or metal case.

  11. twistedsymphony:
    metal cases are nice, and they're definitely what go me into collecting in the first place, but there are a lot of other really nice cases out there too.

    Bioshock and Forza 2... some of my favorite CE cases and neither of them are metal.

    one of my sexiest looking DVD box sets is for Speed Grapher, no metal but it's awesome none the less...

    and I happened to already have pictures of it online, it's not like I took them just for this

  12. twistedsymphony:
    Originally Posted by Gemini-Phoenix View Post
    Not quite true. There are lots of American CE's that are much better than the crap we received here. The US Resident Evil V package is amazing compared to what we're getting
    ok.. so I was thinking about this and I was bored, so I grabbed your list of CEs from the other thread

    PAL exclusive - Dead Rising ~ (Steelbook case)
    PAL exclusive - Iron Man (CE) ~ (Steelbook case)
    PAL exclusive - Narnia: Prince Caspian (CE) ~ (Steelbook case)
    PAL exclusive - Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (CE) ~ (DigiPak)
    PAL exclusive - Fallout III (LE) ~ (GAME exclusive box set with statuette)
    PAL exclusive - Far Cry II (CE) ~ (GAME exclusive box set)
    PAL exclusive - Frontlines: Fuel Of War (CE) ~ (Box set with T-shirt etc)
    PAL exclusive - WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2008: High Flyer Edition ~ (Box set with T-shirt etc)

    PAL is Better - Battlefield Bad Company: Gold Edition (CE) ~ (Steelbook case)
    PAL is better - Alone In The Dark (CE) ~ (Box set)
    PAL is better - Prince Of Persia (LE) ~ (Steelbook case) (Not shown)
    PAL is better - John Woo Presents Stranglehold (CE) ~ (Steelbook case)

    Different - based on preference
    - Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway (CE) ~ (Steelbook case) - PAL gets steelbook, US gets TIN
    - Saints Row II (CE) ~ ('Gun pack') - PAL gets gun case, US gets Tin
    - Devil May Cry IV (CE) ~ (Steelbook case) - US gets extra video dvd but it also costs more
    - Soul Calibur IV (CE) ~ (Steelbook case) - PAL gets bonus Steel Book, US gets TIN and T-shirt

    no difference - Lost Planet (CE) ~ (Steelbook case)
    no difference - Perfect Dark: Zero (CE) ~ (Steelbook case)
    No difference - Gears Of War II (CE) ~ (Steelbook case)
    No difference - Clive Barker's Jericho (CE) ~ (Steelbook case)
    no difference - Transformers The Game: Cybertron Edition (CE) ~ (Cardboard slipcase)
    no difference - Call Of Duty IV: Modern Warfare (CE) ~ (Cardboard box set)
    no difference - Forza Motorsport II (CE) ~ (Box with plastic slipcase)
    no difference - Gears Of War (CE) ~ (Jumbo steel case)
    no difference - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (CE) ~ (Cardboard DigiPak case)
    no difference - Viva Pinata (CE) ~ (Moulded plastic case)
    no difference - Bioshock (CE) ~ (Box set with Big Daddy figurine)
    no difference - Call Of Duty: World At War (CE) ~ (Box set with canteen)
    no difference - Fallout III (CE) ~ (Lunchbox set)
    no difference - GTA IV (CE) ~ (Box set with bag, soundtrack, & metal safe-case etc)
    no difference - Halo 3: Legendary Edition ~ (Limited edition Spartan Helmet set)


    the few that are different and based on preference, I'd personally take a SteelBook over a Tin any day of the week, DMC4 is still IMO the only US CE that I'd rather have over the PAL release

  13. RedEvil:
    after seeing the Fallout and Bioshock CE's i was PISSED I bought the normal versions.

    Ah well, as long as my G1 TF collection is awesome lol


  14. LiquidEffect:
    Brother in arms US version is not in a tin

  15. twistedsymphony:
    you're right, I was getting it confused with another game.

  16. Skoolstah:
    Originally Posted by Gemini-Phoenix View Post
    I don't understand why the UK versions get both figures regardless of console, whilst the US version only gets one each depending on which one you choose.
    The PAL CE of SFIV discards the soundtrack in favor for an additional figure. Also, the PAL PS3 version doesn't have the anime movie on BluRay, but on some kind of specially-encoded DVD that only works with your PS3, similar to the Xbox 360 version.
    I decided to import my copy from the US.

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