Modern Warfare 2 Veteran Edition

I got an email recently with the following:

I work on Modern Warfare 2, and am also a personal fan of the site (as I’m a CE heavy user).  Not sure if you saw but we added a 4TH flavor of Modern Warfare 2…the Veteran statue.  Tons of work went into this bad boy and we worked with the top collectible manufacturer in the industry, Kotobukiya,
to make it.  Sold as a bundle in the UK, or standlone statue here:

Extremely limited quantities so even I’ll be lucky to get one.

Exclusive to GAME store in the UK the Veteran edition includes the SteelBook Hardened Edtion as well as the following

  • Unique Gift Box Packaging
  • “Captain Soap MacTavish” ultra-premium ARTFX Statue sculpted by Kotobukiya
    • 1/6-scale, 12″ tall if standing upright
    • Depicts Modern Warfare veteran Cpt. “Soap” MacTavish of Task Force 141, equipped with custom snow camouflage and weaponry as seen in “Cliffhanger” mission from Modern Warfare 2
  • 3 sets of interchangeable weapons and arms, including: Dual ice-climbing pickaxes (pictured) Dual .45 caliber pistols, M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (affixes to Soap’s back when not in use)
  • Environmental ice base stores alternate weapons when not in use

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Veteran Edition Statue

The Veteran Edition will run you £119.99 and be released along the other versions of the game. In the US the closes you will be able to get to this is to buy the Statue alone for $79.99.

Geoff Carroll

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  1. grim_d:
    Quite a price for a game i'm not perticularly interested in.

    Just how limited i wonder as they are still taking pre-orders

  2. Gemini-Phoenix:
    I think the price is actually putting most people off, where most would rather pay roughtly the same and buy the Prestige Edition instead which comes with the night-vision goggles, which are not only more exciting than a statue, but more practical as well.

    I recently pre-ordered this as well on the strength of this information that it may actualy be quite limited. I wasn't going to bother, as I already have the Prestige Edition pre-ordered, but the information supplied above encouraged me to take the plunge, although I did so begrudgingly as I think it is far too much for what is essentially just the Hardened Edition bundled with some piece of Modern Warfare 2 merch which I wouldn't have wanted anyway, albeit bundled together in nice X360 emblazoned packaging (which makes all the difference!)

  3. twistedsymphony:
    yes, packaging is king...

    it looks like the statue has a few different "poses" based on the tools you place in his hands.

    honestly though I probably wouldn't have ordered it even if it was available as an "edition" in the states. as it is some of my best CEs are stowed away where no one can see them simply because I have no good shelving to put them on

    as for the Prestige edition... most stores I've been to have stopped taking pre-orders on it... very few games I know of have run out of pre-orders this early before they go on sale.

  4. grim_d: has lowered the price to £99.99.

    Still quite expensive, but low enough to get me on board.

  5. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Furthermore, this edition is only available to those who own a GAME reward card, making it more exclusive than most other exclusives which are available to the general public

  6. grim_d:
    In fairness a reward card is only £3

  7. grim_d:
    Courier just dropped this off, statue is a peach, will take some pictures once i am home from work.

  8. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Received mine yesterday, along with a couple of Prestige's. The Veteran box is actually larger than the Prestige box, which is surprising as I was expecting something the same size as the Fallout 3 or Bioshock box sets

  9. Skoolstah:
    My local store only got 3 Prestige editions and only 2 were on sale since one was ordered especially for one of the store clerks. Luckily, I managed to yank one of the two remaining ones a day before it hit the shelves. Whee!

  10. twistedsymphony:
    very nice... I picked up my prestige edition today, I haven't had a chance to really look at it yet.

    a lot of people I've talked to seem very disappointed with the game so far maybe their expectations were too high?

  11. Skoolstah:
    Really? I didn't play COD4, so I wouldn't know.

  12. twistedsymphony:
    I really loved COD4... of course I'm mostly a solo gamer and it seems the COD series attracts the hard-core multi-player gamer.

    while I haven't played it yet one of my friends sent me a text last night to inform me he had already completed the single player campaign... so I'm guessing it's fairly short, which is quite a disappointment already.

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