Resident Evil 5 Gold Mercinaries Roster

Earlier this week Capcom announced the last 2 new characters that will round out the roster on the upcoming Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition: Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton.

These characters will be playable on the revamped Mercenaries “Reunion” mode. So far the Reunion mode roster is slated to include the following characters:

  • Warrior Chris
  • Folklore Sheva
  • Heavy Metal Chris
  • Business suit Sheva
  • Josh Stone
  • Excella Gionne
  • Rebecca Chambers
  • Barry Burton

In addition to the revamped Mercinaries mode the Gold Edition will also include two new episodes for the single player campaign and new costumes.

The Xbox 360 release will include a regular game disc with DLC content codes to download the new content, while the PS3 version will include the new content on the disc. Those who already own Resident Evil 5 will be able to purchase the new content though the Xbox Live Marketplace, or the Playstation Store.

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