North America Gets to Celebrate Mario’s 25th too!

While both the Japan and Europe were blessed with a 25th Anniversary Edition of Super Mario All-Stars for Wii, North America was left sitting on our hands. No more, Nintendo has seen fit to bless us with the commemorative release as well.

Similar to the releases in Europe and Asia the collection includes a Wii game disc with an enhanced version of the SNES release of Super Mario All-Stars in a swanky red art-box. Not included is the history DVD but instead the North American releases will receive a 32-page booklet covering Mario’s history featuring interviews, behind-the-scenes details and concept art.

Also included, is a Soundtrack CD that contains music from the various installments of the Mario franchise as well as sound effects from the original Super Mario Bros. up through Super Mario Galaxy 2

The package will release on December 12th  at a price of about $30

I can’t help but feel that Nintendo of America was too afraid that Americans wouldn’t be able to figure out that their Wii can’t play DVDs and opted to go with the Booklet instead. Either way for $30 it’s a must buy for Wii collectors and Mario fans.

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  1. Mandingo:
    I would rather have a nice booklet than a DVD, so that is a win. I just preordered this from, as I keep hearing that it may become a rare item.

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