Duke Nukem Forever SteelBook Edition Availble for Pre-Order

Forum member Mike1888 noticed earlier today that FutureShop (the Canadian electronics store) is offering a SteelBook Edition of the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Canada exclusive Duke Nukem Forever SteelBook (PC) (PS3) (Xbox 360) [NTSC] (Futureshop) (2K Games)

Much like their recent Mortal Kombat SteelBook exclusive this is essentially a generic Duke Nukem Forevever themed SteelBook that is bundled alongside the standard edition of the game and provided free with a pre-order of the standard edition of the game on any platform at the regular $59.99 price. While not a “real” CE release SteelBooks have shown to hold their value among collectors so this is something collectors should strongly consider adding to their collection.

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  1. mosavon:
    Thats nice, an incentive to preorder...i wouldn't kick one of those outta bed

  2. Mike1888:
    MIke12888 - glad you like it! We will have 4000 units chainwide (roughly 10 per store minimum). Dont forget to pre-order your copy!

    Thank you.
    Godwin Chan
    Assistant Merchandise Manager - Video Games/Used Games
    Not bad!

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