Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 will get Limited and Special Edition + New Wii console colour

Sega will be releasing two Collector’s Edition for Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games aswell as a new Limited console.

The first is a Limited Edition exclusive to Ebgames in Australia, it will contain the following:

  • Steel Tin
  • Poster
  • T Shirt
  • Notebook
  • Carry Bag
Priced at $88 AUD,  it will be released on the 17 – Nov – 2012 it canbe pre-ordered here.


For Europe, Sega will be releasing a Special Edition which contains a standard copy of the game and comes with a Metal Steel Tin, similar to Super Mario Galaxy 2.  Certain retailers will have this edition in each country so be on the look out. Amazon UK has this listed already and can be pre-ordered here 



Lastly is the release of a Limited Edition Wii console, it will contain a console and Wii mote in Sonic blue, although I don’t see the resemblance in the colour myself.  It also contains a pack of Mario and Sonic sticker. With the release of Wii-U around the corner this is more than likely the last of the true limited edition Wii consoles.

UK pre-orders are open but expect this to be Europe and Australian wide, no word on a North American release yet.

Pre-order for £135  from GAME UK here 


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Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Limited Edition 

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Special Edition 


  1. vhal_x:
    I want the EB games edition and the console... May have to pick them up after Christmas if possible xx

  2. gurpswoo1:
    May have to pick them up after Christmas if possible
    Better hope they have the console left, can't imagine Nintendo producing a huge amount with the Wii-U launch not far away. With the Christmas period retailers will likely shift the stock off cheap to make space, that's your best time to get a good condition one. Also most of Sega Limited Edition is Australia sell-out quick.

  3. Ryu Kazama:
    I hope they seriously don't intend to give the game in just a lousy sleeve. That kills any bundle for me.

  4. vhal_x:
    Yeah, my black bundle had Mario Kart and Wii Sports in daft wee sleeves, grr xx

  5. SquirrelRaper:
    I think I may pick up the game. The console will probably come later. Both to be kept sealed I've actually never brought a Wii game before. I have 2 Wii's but I got one in a trade.(traded a old laptop which I paid a $1 for) Seemed fair enough haha... and the 2nd one was given to me to see if I could be fixed but the drive is dead, so I kept it and loaded it with games but haven't had time to finish my PS3 games soooo it will remain untouched.

  6. gurpswoo1:

    It looks like the rumours of the new console being second generation are true.

    This will have the Gamecube backward compatibility removed, this includes the the top flap with the controller and memory ports.

    This will obviously mean you won't be able use the GameCube controllers for current gen games.

    Also new bundles for December will be second gen, not sure how long the current gens will be sold for but not too long that's for sure.

    So be warned if you plan to purchase this. It also means that the first gen consoles will go up in value. especially the 25th Red Edition.

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