Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Special Edition announced

Capcom North Amercia have announced that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will receive a Special Edition.

It will contain the following:

  • Steelbook with exclusive art
  • Stylized foil sleeve
  • Umbrella Security Service embroidered patch
  • Spec Ops Field Unit embroidered patch
  • Eight bonus in game weapons

Capcom have yet to released promotional pictures of the Special Edition nor any pricing, however they have confirmed the released date of 20th March 2012.

Currently the Special Edition is exclusive to the PS3 and Xbox 360 with the PC version yet to even have a release date.

Database entry:

Edit: We now have a picture and a price of $69.99

Thanks to Mike1888 for promo picture



  1. fattyuk:
    Just to added :

    Capcom also revealed some pre-order details. If you pre-order Operation Raccoon City from GameStop, Amazon or Best Buy, you will receive an additional costume for all six playable characters and two bonus weapons. Each retailer will have its own unique pair of weapons, unfortunately.

  2. Mike1888:

  3. Sevket:
    Nice one

  4. gurpswoo1:
    Thanks mike, updated description

  5. Solemn_In_Berlin:
    Just curious, what's up with Biohazard and embroidered patches? Anyhow, this looks good, especially for the price.

  6. ChrissyCooza1:
    I hope this gets a UK release it would look good next to the resident Evil 4 & 5 steelbooks

  7. foreverflash:
    Can anyone confirm if this will be a NTSC exclusive or if it's worldwide release?

  8. DeekBoy:
    As of right now it looks to just be a NTSC. I just hope they don't release something different for everyone else or else I will be having to import one.

  9. Johnny:
    I hope the Pal release is different and with better content.

  10. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Despte my previous complaining about there being too many CE's (HERE), this is one game I really hope DOES get an extravagant CE release here in the UK!

  11. foreverflash:
    Originally Posted by Gemini-Phoenix View Post
    Despte my previous complaining about there being too many CE's (HERE), this is one game I really hope DOES get an extravagant CE release here in the UK!
    I hope not. I'm sick of the PAL regions always getting more steelbooks and better CE packages. NTSC should rule! lol

  12. Johnny:
    I wish all regions would get a great CE at a just price.
    Which is problably not going to happen.

  13. Pielord:
    Has anyone heard anything about this getting released in PAL regions yet?

  14. RyT:
    not sure similar but Ebgames version :

  15. fattyuk:
    Originally Posted by RyT View Post
    not sure similar but Ebgames version :
    I think that's the standard game so the art cards and dlc codes should be in the game case in proper CE.

  16. Pielord:
    It doesn't like EU is getting it.

  17. Johnny:
    A nice edition for RES would be nice :/. At least in Pal territory's (Excluding Australia :p)

  18. Pielord:
    These publishers really need to start doing the special editions world wide rather than one country.
    Probaly going to have to buy two copies o this now xD
    Dam my brother and sister getting me into resi when I was a kid!

  19. onyxke:

    well they got something else for Europe, at least for France, you can exclusively pre order the Raccoon City Headset only at Amazon.FR

    Maybe that will also start selling, cuz they are currently negotiating about the stock, it's probably going to be a limited stock.
    Price: 59,99 €

    I pre-ordered mine, it looks cool with the RE emblem.

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