Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition Details Leaked

Thank you to everyone who wrote in to tell us about the leaked Collector’s Edition of Aliens: Colonial Marines. French Gaming site Gamekyo broke the announcement.

Aliens Colonial Marines Collector's Edition Xbox 360

The graphic above clearly shows that the CE will come in a nice looking display box along with a statue of the iconic power loader along with some in-game content. It’s unclear which region the CE is slated for, though considering the game has already been released in North America (correction: it was scheduled for release in November but pushed back) and the leak occurred in France I would venture a guess that this will be at very least a UK release, possibly all of Europe. I would suspect we will get more details including pricing once it gets closer to the ambiguous “Spring 2012” release date.


  1. gomgomboy:
    remember when the first collector's edition came out a year or so back ? i just picked it up for $15 on amazon not along ago, wonder how long it will take for the price to drop for this one and oh hope they didn't have the same issue with the face crawler's tail broken so easily , had to superglued mine

  2. rapidly-greying:
    Oh hells to the yeah i've got to get me one of those power loaders.

  3. winds:
    I'm confused. The article says it was released in North America already? I'm sure that's a mistake because it hasn't been released here yet, unless it's referring to the Aliens vs Predator game that was released a couple years ago?

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