Welcome to CE.o

My name is Michael Pica (you may know me as twistedsymphony). I’ve been collecting “Special”, “Limited”, and “Collector’s” Edition video game releases for years. As a collector I acquired a huge wealth of knowledge about the games I was collecting. It frustrated me that there was no single reliable source for information on these releases online. With a background in software development I decided to create this site so that I might share what I know and attract other collectors in the community to help sort the facts from the rumors and create a database that is rock solid and as accurate as possible.

Our Mission:

CE.o’s goal is the preservation, cataloging, and historical record keeping of special package media. In an age where physical media itself is quickly becoming obsolete we strive to ensure that accurate information exists not simply about the content of the media but of the physical packaging in which the media is contained. We might not know of every special release that exists but we do everything in our means to ensure the validity of the information we have cataloged. Our ever moving goal is to be the most comprehensive resource for special package media on the internet.

In addition to providing a historical record CE.o exists to help promote those publishers, developers, and retailers who are still dedicated to not only supporting physical media but dedicated to high quality packaging and physical content that embellishes the included media and enhances the end user experience.

Where we get our information:

Most of our information on special package releases are gathered directly from collectors within our community who own and have physical access to the release. Pre-release information is generally gathered from official press releases as well communication with retailers who will be carrying the release (particularly those releases that are retailer exclusive). Once something has been released we encourage the collectors in our community to cross check what was promoted before release with the actual product that was sold and update our database accordingly.

What you can do to help:

Collectors – If you’re a collector yourself then we would encourage you to join our forum, participate in discussions and contribute your knowledge where you can. We would also encourage you to let others know about CE.o by following us on FaceBook, Twitter, and other social-media outlets. If you’ve got a website of your own we also have several banner images that you may use to link back to us as well as other ways in which you can help CE.o.

Developers & Publishers – If you are a game developer or publisher you can contribute to CE.o by simply keeping us abreast of information regarding your upcoming releases. We strive to have the most accurate information possible and there is no better way than get that information directly from the source.  Sometimes we like to contact developers and publishers to help confirm pieces of information and flesh out details concerning past releases.  We would also be more than happy to receive Press Kits or other Special, Limited, or Collector’s Edition releases. In turn we will gladly promote your product by providing our community with as much detailed information about the product as you provide. For more information please contact us through our forum or social media.

Retailers – If you are a retailer of special package media, particularly a retailer that often sells exclusive releases, you can contribute to CE.o by simply keeping us informed with information about your upcoming releases particularly pricing, availability and pre-order bonuses. In turn CE.o will gladly provide our community with links to your store where they can pre-order or purchase your products. We may also be interested in any affiliate programs you might offer. For more information please contact us through our forum or social media.

Welcome to CollectorsEdition.org, we appreciate you stopping by!
Michael Pica – Founder CollectorsEdition.org