Biohazard Revelations Unveiled Edition (Limited Edition)

Platform: Playstation 3 Edition: (Limited Edition) Format: 2
Published by Capcom
Released in Japan on May 23, 2013 at a price of ¥7,490

Biohazard RevelationsのLimited Editionは、段ボール箱で来て、次の内容が含まれています:

  • BSAA特製カードケース
  • スペシャルアレンジトラック



The Limited Edition of Biohazard Revelations  includes the following content:

  • BSAA special card case
  • Special Arrange Soundtrack

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  1. geralds:

  2. MrTool:
    hope it is region free ... or isn't?

    I know Biohazard 5 was region locked on xbox but I don't know about Biohazard 6 or this

  3. Texas Fire:
    Is that right? ?42,000 equals $400USD-ish?


  4. geralds:
    Originally Posted by Texas Fire View Post
    Is that right? ?42,000 equals $400USD-ish?

    more in the 500ish range just take 1 usd = 77 yen about its like 77. something but its gets are a nice estimate.

  5. vhal_x:
    It's only around $421 geralds. Remember currency rates change daily xx

  6. kittychloe:
    Originally Posted by vhal_x View Post
    It's only around $421 geralds. Remember currency rates change daily xx
    $500 if you use paypal to pay

  7. geralds:
    ya i just no paypals exchange rate which is 77. somthing yen = 1 usd.

  8. kittychloe:
    paypal seem to like taking about 3c from every $ when converting currency from what i can tell $39US = $41.50AU when it should be about $38AU going by my banks current currency conversion

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