BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Limited Edition

Platform: Playstation 3 Edition: Limited Edition Format: 2
Released in United Kingdom on Apr 02, 2010 at a price of £49.99

The Limited Edition of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger comes in a cardboard box containing the standard edition game disc as well as the following

  • A Bonus DVD disc with tutorials and walkthroughs from experts from and
  • A 100 page full colour book with original art and illustrations from the design team at Arc System Works


The Limited Edition of BlazBlue Calamity Trigger is a European PAL exclusive, it was not released in other PAL regions such as¬†Australia¬†which got it’s own unique version.

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BlazBlue franchise.


  1. Skoolstah:
    So, anyone gonna get this little slice of heaven? I managed to preorder a copy through a friend of a friend of a friend that has a credit card. Lol.

  2. twistedsymphony:
    I ordered it for 360... just got notification that it shipped today.

  3. twistedsymphony:
    for reference the track list for the soundtrack discs:

    DISC 1:
    1. Calamity Trigger (Arcade Opening)
    2. Nocturne (Title Screen)
    3. Blue Beating (Character Select)
    4. VS (Versus Screen)
    5. Challenger (Challenger Music)
    6. Bright (Console Credits 1)
    7. Rimelight (Story Mode BGM)
    8. The Road to Hope (Arcade Credits 1)
    9. Limited Again (Arcade Credits 2)
    10. Continue (Continue Screen)
    11. Game over (Game Over Screen)
    12. Winner (Winning Music)
    13. Glow-Up (Psych-Up Music)
    14. Impulse (Astral Heat Music)
    15. Rebellion (Ragna)
    16. Imperial Code (Noel vs. Jin)
    17. Weak Executioner (Litchi vs. Arakune)
    18. White Requiem (Ragna vs. Rachel)
    19. Under Heaven Destruction (Ragna vs. Jin)
    20. Lust SIN (Jin)

    DISC 2:
    1. Bullet Dance (Noel Vermillion)
    2. Queen Of Rose (Rachel Alucard)
    3. Catus Carnival (Taokaka)
    4. MOTOR HEAD (Iron Tager)
    5. Oriental Flower (Litchi Faye Ling)
    6. Thin RED Line (Arakune)
    7. Gale (Bang Shishigami)
    8. Marionette Purple (Carl Clover)
    9. SUSANOOH (Haku-men)
    10. Awakening The Chaos (v-13)
    11. Black Onslaught (Boss Ragna)
    12. Blood Pain (Mirror Match)
    13. Open The Gate (When The Gate Opens Theme)
    14. Altar (Story Mode BGM)
    15. Highlander (Story Mode BGM)
    16. Curse (Story Mode BGM)
    17. DJ Oh No Remix 1
    18. DJ Oh No Remix 2
    19. DJ Oh No Remix 3
    20. DJ Oh No Remix 4
    21. DJ Oh No Remix 5
    22. DJ Oh No Remix 6

  4. Maven:
    It's taken it's time but this is about to hit Europe around the 5th March! A little late, I already imported a copy.;-1&sku=312675

  5. twistedsymphony:
    it's a really good game... if you like 2D fighters it's worth every penny IMO.

  6. NikeFerrari:
    What about this one?;-1&sku=312678

  7. twistedsymphony:
    already in the database:

  8. NikeFerrari:
    Originally Posted by Twistedsymphony View Post
    Ok, thanks.
    The reason i made the post is because i use the "upcoming releases" column on the home page for reference on upcoming releases and although it's being released on the 26th of March in Europe, it's not in there.

  9. Skoolstah:
    It's been delayed to the 2nd of April, which is making me quite pissed. They've changed the release date about 3-4 times now.

  10. twistedsymphony:
    updated the release dates and fixed the "edition" label

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