Heavy Rain (Special Edition)

Platform: Playstation 3
Edition: (Special Edition) Format: 2
Released in United Kingdom on Feb 26, 2010 at a price of £39.99

The Limited Edition of Heavy Rain will come with an embossed sleeve and include a voucher to access to the following downloadable content:

  • Heavy Rain Dynamic Theme
  • Heavy Rain Official Soundtrack (7 tracks, containing the main orchestral themes, recorded at Abbey Road Studios)
  • Episode 1 of the Heavy Rain Chronicles – The ‘Taxidermist’ scene

News About this Collector's Edition:


  1. scourdx:
    European Heavy Rain is getting the CE treatment. I'm not sure if N. America will get them. Mostly we won't.


  2. scourdx:
    Looks like no N. American CE release.


  3. Xtincthed:
    looks awesome, what is the scheduled releasedate?

  4. Maven:
    26/02/10 is the scheduled release date. In the UK the special edition is a HMV exclusive available to preorder for £39.99 now.


    Content includes:

    - Exclusive Embossed Slipcase Sleeve

    - Inpack Voucher To Download The Following Digital Content:

    - Heavy Rain Dynamic Theme

    - Heavy Rain Official Soundtrack (7 tracks, containing the main orchestral themes, recorded at Abbey Road Studios)

    - Episode 1 of the Heavy Rain Chronicles - The 'Taxidermist' scene

  5. twistedsymphony:
    added to the DB

    the name of the edition might be wrong... I've seen it listed as "collectors's edition" "special edition" and "limited edition" and the displayed box art does not list a title for the edition either...

  6. Maven:
    Well spotted, I never clocked that one, bet you were good at finding Waldo as a kid. If you check the link I supplied it states 'special edition' in the title yet in the description it states 'limited edition'.

  7. twistedsymphony:

  8. Maven:
    New shots of this collectors edition:

  9. twistedsymphony:
    I'm honestly tempted to import this....

    PS3 is region free right?

  10. Maven:
    The PS3 itself is not region free, it is the games that are. Not one game released has been region coded to date & I can't see them doing so. On the other hand, Bluray movies are region coded and can't be played on all PS3's. This can be a problem when importing games as bonus Bluray's may be coded & unless the bonus content is on the game disk itself it's rendered useless. Let me know how you get on importing this, or the cost before you do. Check how the company you use will be sending the item. If they use a courier you stand a high chance of paying import duties. As I said before I don't mind helping folk out. If you don't mind waiting it is best to send the item regular international post to avoid import duties. The other trick is to set up an account with FedEx or UPS to get cheaper rates & send all items wrapped as a present & mark the item as a gift, again no import duties.

    For more information on scamming the postal service contact Maven on 078666......

  11. twistedsymphony:
    I've ordered many things from the UK before direct from Amazon and other places... never had to pay import duties

    I placed a pre-order though HMV they're only charging 4.50 GBP to ship "Air Mail" I'm assuming that's regular post and it will take a few weeks. the only other option was "Overseas Currier" for 37GBP... so yeah airmail is fine

    maybe I'm wrong but I don't think the US has import tariffs like other countries do.

    the state I live in has no sales tax at all... so I don't see why they would charge one to import goods.

  12. Maven:
    Your lucky if you have no import charges, we really get stung over here in the UK. The only place I've found to import games from the US is Game Stop who use UPS for international shipping, no snail mail option.

  13. twistedsymphony:
    amazon.com wont ship internationally? I know amazon.co.uk has no problem shipping to me in the states...

    unfortunately though, half of the time gamestop has exclusivity to the CE

  14. Maven:
    They ship only the standard editions. I've tried a few collectors editions & was greeted with the 'we cannot ship this product internationally' phrase at checkout. But as you said Game Stop tend to get most exclusives, eBay isn't to bad for the less hyped games.

  15. twistedsymphony:

  16. Maven:

    Just got an email from HMV regarding the collectors edition download content. Hold on before using the code!

    Thanks for pre-ordering Heavy Rain Special Edition.

    Sony have reported to us that there has unfortunately been a last-minute technical delay to the Heavy Rain official soundtrack, meaning that customers who have purchased the Heavy Rain Special Edition will not be able to download the Soundtrack until 4th March 2010. Sony recommend that you wait until this date to redeem your Special Edition voucher code which is in the game box - you'll then receive all the Special Edition content in one batch.

    However, if you choose to redeem your voucher code immediately for the other downloadable content, you won't be able to receive the official soundtrack nor will you be able to use the same code to redeem the soundtrack on 4th March 2010. Therefore, you'll need the following code to enable you to download the soundtrack from 4th March 2010.

  17. twistedsymphony:
    huh.. I never got one of those emails and HMV already shipped my game

    thanks for the news.

  18. twistedsymphony:
    pictures added

  19. Skoolstah:
    Just picked this one up today. Apparently, the collector's edition extras (The Taxidermist, theme, soundtrack) are included on the disc. Whee! Will get some pics of it when my camera's charged and stuff.

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