Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition

Platform: Playstation 3
Edition: Game of the Year Edition Format: 1
Published by Sony Computer Entertainment
Released in United States on Sep 09, 2009 at a price of $59.99

The Game of the Year Edition of Little Big Planet includes the original game plus the following bonus content:

  • Bonus levels created specifically for the GOTY edition created by 18 people within the LBP commuity. The creators were hand-piced by Media Molecule. Complete interviews with each creator are also included.
  • 7 packs from the PlayStation Store
    • Metal Gear Solid Level Pack – featuring the “Paintinator” paintball gun
    • Metal Gear Solid Costumes
    • Monsters Costumes
    • Monsters Pack
    • History Costumes
    • History Pack
    • Animals Costumes
  • A sneak-peek at the next game in the “Play, Create, Share” family ModNation Racers. Also a limited supply of the GOTY Editions will include a special voucher code for the upcoming ModNation Racers Online Beta.

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Little Big Planet franchise.


  1. Gemini-Phoenix:
    LittleBigPlanet apparently has a Game Of The Year (GOTY) edition here in the UK:

    Are we including GOTY editions in the database?

  2. Mandingo:
    Does is have any collector value?

  3. Icek:
    Besides nicer cover and (I think) all of DLCs...dunno. But it's worth of having it.

  4. gurpswoo1:
    Not really, if you collect the franchise as a sub collection then it might.

    I order the game like this:

    1) Limited/Collector's edition
    2) 1st press normal version of game
    3) Reprints i.e 2nd or 3rd press before game of year edition
    4) Game of the year edition
    5) Reprints after game of the year edition.
    6) Platinum or classic version of game.

    Red = Most valuable, 1st print included as there may not be a limited edition.
    Dark Orange = Has value but no where near 1st press version as it's been modified, either the artwork or the case.
    Blue - Not worth it if unless a sub collection.
    Gray - Least valuable as it a washed down version in cheap drag.

  5. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Originally Posted by Mandingo View Post
    Does is have any collector value?
    Monetry value, probably not. Most collector's will always want the first release. But like Gurpswoo1 says, it would have some kind of collectibility value to a collector who is interested in the franchise as a whole

    Personally, if I were a collector (Which I am), I would be interested in knowing that a GOTY version exists as much as I would also be interested in whether a Platinum version exists. If I were a fan of the franchise and wanted every release of the game, then this information is invaluable!

    In some cases, a GOTY version will sometimes include all currently available DLC to date. In other cases, it's just an excuse for a reprint or to adveryise the fact that the game has won X amount of awards since its initial release

  6. Mandingo:
    Oh, I'm sure a hardcore collector of a franchise would want to acquire every iteration of a particular game, but the question is if a GOTY can be classified as a true CE or not?

  7. twistedsymphony:
    we include every version of the game in the DB except for "standard editions" or re-releases that do not differ from the standard editions.

    A general rule of thumb is: if the included content differs from the standard edition in any way... it should be considered for the DB.

    Most CE Collectors might not find value in GOTY releases, however franchise collectors do see that value, as do typical gamers who are simply interested in buying the "best" (read: most content filled) version of the game.

  8. Mandingo:
    OK, I see.

  9. gurpswoo1:
    We asked this question to twisted a while ago, He concluded that that if the game came with extra content over the normal version then it is classified as a unique edition.

    To me this makes sense and as such should be included, even more so now that EA are releasing these games with just DLC and putting edition on the cover.

    I guess the question is, does the fact that it not a limited run count against it?

    I decided a while ago to never buy any game of the year edition, just the 1st press and collector's edition.

    Edit - Have realised I posted too late.

  10. twistedsymphony:
    If it's a game I like I almost always buy the GOTYE

    the reason being is that it ends up being cheaper than buying the included content separate.

    for instance I bought Broderlands when it came out, then I bought the GOTYE since it included all the DLC at a price lower than if I just bought the DLC.

  11. Mandingo:
    I own one GOTY and oddly enough, never traded-in my original copy.

  12. gurpswoo1:
    I own one GOTY and oddly enough, never traded-in my original copy.
    Yep - A true collector mentality.

  13. Mandingo:
    Yep - A true collector mentality.

    ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ Yeah, I guess so.

  14. twistedsymphony:
    *** Added the European GOTY Edition ***

  15. SquirrelRaper:
    Full Game Name: LittleBigPlanet
    Edition Name: LittleBigPlanet GOTY Collector Pack
    Platform(s): PS3
    Region(s): NTSC
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Release Date: 2009
    Content Description: Comes with the GOTY edition of LittleBigPlanet and a sackboy
    Other Info/Pics:

  16. SquirrelRaper:
    I found these today while out shopping, not my picture though. I got it off ebay. i could only find one person selling it for $100(

    I have 2 in my hands atm, but I can acquire 2 more soon to sale or trade.It seems to be pretty rare. Never knew these existed until today, how they were still in stock, I have no clue.

  17. evilvort3x:
    whats the prcie you can get them for? as seems basic but nice!

  18. PetePS3:
    There should be an addition for the Little Big Planet Game of the year Edition(PS3 Greatest Hits) Collector's Pack.

    This is indeed a late collectors edition of little big planet with limited release and announcement. I ordered mine from Walmart. Once I receive it I'll be posting pictures. It's now at $29.99. Don't know if this will last for long...... need to be on the database.

  19. vhal_x:
    Aww that is so cute I want it xx

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