Red Resident Evil Xbox 360 Found for Sale in the Wild

Engadget is reporting that the Limited Edition Red “Resident Evil” Xbox 360 has been spotted for sale at a Target Store in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Consider Consider the Street Date for RE5 officially broken.

Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition Red Xbox 360 For Sale Early at Target


  1. grim_d:
    And look how bashed the boxes are! Ihope mine get's treated a little better for's sake because i will keep sending it back!

    TBH they don't acctually look like they are for sale, just chilling as engadget put it. Id snag one if i was an employee!

  2. twistedsymphony:
    it is a damn shame how piss-poor retailers treat the products they sell...

    you know you see garbage like that, you see employees who look depressed and or apathetic and know next to nothing about the products they sell and you hear all these horror stories about people getting the run-around trying to return defective products because of draconian return policies.

    then you see these companies hurting in the current economy and you know what... I can't help but not give a damn...

    Seriously... I have no respect for companies who can't even respect the products they sell. and I wont shed a tear when they pull a Circuit City.

  3. Gemini-Phoenix:
    I too am of a similar train of mind. Yes, I accept that they're inanimate objects, but they still command a certain level of respect. Especially when you consider that these electronics and software are quite expensive. It would be the same as car dealerships shunting their products around and accidently letting the paintjobs of their cars get all scratched etc

    Seeing a can of dented baked beans on a store shelf if one thing, but to see a very expensive peice of audio-visual technology bashed about in such a way in inacceptable. I don't know why these ratilers don't train their staff to be more respectful of the products

    I'm sure that a retailer who actually respects their products would see a significant rise in business - You just have to look at the amount of people who avoid buying from certain retailers simply because they unseal their games to store on the shelf! This is where the indie's are flourishing, as people tend to prefer the respect and passion that these stores offer, plus the staff are usually more knowledgeable about the products they are selling

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