$400 Borderlands – Claptrap in a Box Edition Announced

January 20th, 2015 Michael Pica

The Borderlands Handsom Collection was announced today; a re-release of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel for PS4 and Xbox One arriving March 24th this year.
The standard edition will include both games and all DLC on a single disc,  at a cost of a full price game ($60 in the US). Supposedly you’ll also be able to import your saves from your last-gen console. Also announced is a $400 special edition called the “Claptrap in a Box”.

Borderland The Hansom Collection Claptrap in a Box

Released world-wide and Limited to 5000 units across all consoles and all regions this edition will cost $400 and include a SteelBook, 12 exclusive lithographs featuring all of the vault hunters from the two games as well as a very cool remote-controlled claptrap.

The included claptrap uses an internal gyroscope to maintain balance, it’s controlled by an app available for iPhone or Android, features a camera mounted in it’s eye so you can see what it sees, and is able to spout several phrases, also controlled from the app. You can see it in action yourself below:

This edition will be available for pre-order “at select retailers” but there is no word yet on which stores that will be.

UPDATE: Pre-Orders are now open in the US through Amazon.com
Playstation 4 | Xbox One

Borderlands 2 Swag-Filled Limited Edition Diamond Plate Loot Chest announced by Gearbox at PAX East

March 26th, 2013 Michael Pica
Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition (Xbox 360) [NTSC] (Gearbox) (2K)
Over the weekend during PAX East, Gearbox announced the “Borderlands 2 Swag-Filled Limited Edition Diamond Plate Loot Chest”. For those of you who missed out on the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition of Borderlands 2, now you’ll have a second chance to something… similar. Read the rest of this entry »

Gearbox Officially Announces Aliens Colonial Marines Collectors Edition

June 1st, 2012 Michael Pica

Rumored way back in January it wasn’t until yesterday that Gearbox officially announced a Collector’s Edition for their upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Aliens Colonial Marines Collector's Edition (360/PS3) [NTSC/PAL] (Sega/Gearbox)

Included is the following:

  • High Quality Resin Powerloader Figurine in Limited Edition Xeno Hive Box
  • Four Playable Movie Characters
    • Players will be able to fight for their squad’s survival and confront hordes of enemies as the original ALIENS film icons Private Hudson, Corporal Hicks, Private Drake and Sergeant Apone.
  • Additional Marines Character Customization Options
  • Ripley’s Flamethrower
  • Exclusive Multiplayer Weapons
    • Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers
    • Phase Plasma Rifle
  • Exclusive Game Level
    • USCM Academy Firing Range
  • USCM Dossier
    • Mission Brief
    • USS Sephora Schematic
    • Recruitment Card
    • LV-426 Recon Photo
    • USCM Iron-on Badges
    • USCM Graduation Certificate

Scheduled for release internationally on February 12th 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3. US pricing is $99, no official pricing has been announced for the rest of the world.

Thanks to thesirren for the original tip.

Help Design the CE for Borderlands 2

September 8th, 2011 Michael Pica

Apparently GearBox is planning to offer a Collector’s Edition for their upcoming game Borderlands 2 (due out sometime in 2012). Not only are they planning to offer a CE they’ve asked the community to help them decide what to include!

You can send them your ideas on the official GearBox forum.

Me personally I told them I don’t care what they include for bonuses as long as the packaging is high quality. I figure I spend more time looking at it sitting on the shelf than anything else, so it might as well be worth looking at.

… although an RC claptrap would be pretty cool…

Duke Nukem Forever SteelBook Edition Availble for Pre-Order

May 23rd, 2011 Michael Pica

Forum member Mike1888 noticed earlier today that FutureShop (the Canadian electronics store) is offering a SteelBook Edition of the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Canada exclusive Duke Nukem Forever SteelBook (PC) (PS3) (Xbox 360) [NTSC] (Futureshop) (2K Games)

Much like their recent Mortal Kombat SteelBook exclusive this is essentially a generic Duke Nukem Forevever themed SteelBook that is bundled alongside the standard edition of the game and provided free with a pre-order of the standard edition of the game on any platform at the regular $59.99 price. While not a “real” CE release SteelBooks have shown to hold their value among collectors so this is something collectors should strongly consider adding to their collection.

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Duke Nukem Forever to get Balls of Steel Edition

February 11th, 2011 Michael Pica

CE.o member Anjelaoni posted up info about a rumored “Balls of Steel” Edition of the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever. First rumored on a French Duken Nukem forum it seems that a German retailer is already taking pre-orders for the edition on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

The edition is rumored to be limited to only 2,000 units and include the following:

  • 12.7 cm high bust of the legendary Duke
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • 100 pages Hardcover Art Book: The History and Art of Duke Nukem
  • 5 Duke Nukem Postcards
  • Duke Nukem Forever Logo Sticker
  • Duke Nukem Forever Limited Collector’s Comic
  • Duke Nukem Forever Foldable papercraft (Duke with pig’s head)
  • Dukem Nukem Forever Poker Chips
  • Duke Nukem Forever Mini Poker Cards
  • Duke Nukem Forever dice

Slated for May 3rd no price has been confirmed nor any info as to whether this edition will be available outside of Europe. We will post more details when they become available.

UPDATE: This edition is no longer rumored and has been confirmed by 2K Games.

UPDATE #2: It has been confirmed that this edition will be available through GameStop and Amazon.com in the US at a price of $99.

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Duke Nuke Forever Demo

October 12th, 2010 Michael Pica

The Borderlands Game of the Year Edition is released today, Included is the game along with all of the DLC packs at a cost of about what you’d spend on just the DLC Packs alone (it’s a good game worth picking up if you haven’t already).

If you haven’t already heard though, recently added to the features included with this edition is the inclusion of the first ever playable demo of the long awaited Duke Nukem Forever.

Gearbox (Borderland’s developer) took over development of DNF from the original developer 3DRealms. A playable demo was first unveiled at the recent Penny Arcade Expo and now the Demo will be made available to those who buy the Game of the Year Edition of Borderlands.

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Borderlands GOTY Edition?

July 12th, 2010 Michael Pica

Gamestop recently posted up a listing for a Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Strategy Guide with a release date of September 9th. Soon after CVG posted up this information the link was removed. Kotaku contacted Gearbox for more information and simply received a “no comment” response.

The listing for the guide supposedly made mention of including strategy for the 3 DLC packs so its most likely that any Game of the Year Edition release will simply pack in all the additional content with the original game.