Deus Ex: Human Revolution Collectors Edition

And again, a brand new CE for Deus Ex, Europe only.

Exclusive box design – numbered
Exclusive bonus DVD
The Game
40-page art book
Collectible Adam Jensen Figurine
Additional in-game content

Video to Collectors Edition


  1. heavenzzzz:
    Looks like they put the augmented edition in a box, wich with a figurine in it, lol.

  2. Anjelaoni:
    Yeah, you got it. Another difference: the box is numbered. I wonder if its like the Dead Space Ultra Edition...

  3. Mandingo:
    They just added a toy, eh?

    Ah, ok.. >_>

    Have fun with that, Europe.

  4. Queen of Mudcrabs:
    I might get this depending on the price. The figurine doesn't look too impressive.

  5. Mandingo:
    Upon further inspection, this figurine included looks to be more than a simple toy. It stands 10" tall apparently (I don't do the metric system), and Zavvi has it priced at £99.85! Youch!

  6. Queen of Mudcrabs:
    Originally Posted by Mandingo View Post
    and Zavvi has it priced at £99.85! Youch!


    *Backs away slowly*

  7. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Much better than the "Day One" Augmented Edition which was previously advertised had the game been released when it was supposed to have been...

    I like this far better though, and it has convinced me to make the effort, whereas before I was happy to let this one slide by. No word whether the figure will come in the box with the game, or whether it'll be just loosely bundled alongside it for those who pre-order, but this is worth it simply because the game is numbered!

    Any news which UK retailers are stocking it, or whether it'll be exclusive to one or another?

  8. Anjelaoni:
    Take a look at the video, they show the figure inside the box!
    And I agree, since the box is numbered, I will definitely get one!

  9. heavenzzzz:
    people can buy this figure separately, it's priced at ¥4800.

  10. Anjelaoni:
    Oooooh, might be worth thinking about... I would be able to complete the figure set. Thanks for the Zelda!

  11. gurpswoo1:
    WOW - A numbered release. Day one purchase for me.

    If it a numbered release I too am leaning toward a large box release. I have to say though £40 more for a figurine is quite alot.

    Thanks for the heads up. Ordered

  12. scourdx:
    Originally Posted by Mandingo View Post
    Upon further inspection, this figurine included looks to be more than a simple toy. It stands 10" tall apparently (I don't do the metric system), and Zavvi has it priced at £99.85! Youch!
    Damn....this is more expensive than Crysis 2 Nano edition.

  13. Gemini-Phoenix: have announced via Twitter that this edition will soon be available to pre-order. No doubt GAME, HMV, Amazon, & will follow suit soon as well...

  14. gurpswoo1:
    Wonder how limited this release really is considering other retailers are getting this.

    Also Crysis Nano edition cost £119 in the UK. Every other country got it cheaper than us, well with the exception of Australia.

  15. DaSaru:
    hmm since i am getting the figure anyway, might as well get this.
    or maybe i should just buy an ordinary uk augmented edition and a separate figure?

    bleh. wish the soundtrack was a separate audio cd instead of inside the dvd.

  16. john385:
    IMHO, not worth ~100GBP.

    I'm getting the Augmented Edition. It has similar content (minus the figurine of course).

  17. gurpswoo1:
    I agree the price is far too high, but then I also think the Augmented Edition is expensive for what it is.

    Also as it's a numbered release expect it to be far more limited than the Augmented version.

    Just having a numbered release makes it a first buy for me.

  18. john385:
    I'm not that kind of a collector. I only buy LE/CE that I find interesting (notably with some extra content, making of videos, artbook, etc.), but I don't keep them sealed, look for future resale value, etc.
    I don't think that Augmented ed. is that expensive (at least @ shopto where my preorder stands).

  19. gurpswoo1:
    Don't get me wrong - I agree with you on content and price. It's just a preventative measure to ensure I'm not force to pay double after release on eBay.

    at £49.99 that's a good price, but for those lucky few who pre-ordered early at GAME will get it at £39.99 because of the pre-order price promise. Glad I got mine on order.

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