AKB1/153 Renai Sousenkyo Ultra Luxury Limited Box

Platform: Playstation Vita Edition: Ultra Luxury Limited Box
Format: Japan
Published by Bandai Namco Games
Released in Japan on Dec 20, 2012 at a price of ¥14,697

Japanese name: AKB1/153 恋愛総選挙 初回限定生産版 超豪華誰得BOX

The Ultra Luxury Limited Box of AKB1/153 Renai Sousenkyo  includes the following content:

  • Making-of Video DVD: AKB48 (4 discs with approx. 400 minutes)
  • Making-of Video DVD: SKE48 (3 discs with approx. 300 minutes)
  • Making-of Video DVD: NMB48 (2 discs with approx. 200 minutes)
  • Making-of Video DVD: HKT48 (1 disc with approx. 100 minutes)
  • AKB48/SKE48/NMB48/HKT48 Special Swimsuit Photo Book (over 150 pages)
  • Special Contents Download Code
  • 10 Photos

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  1. geralds:
    added on psv and psp

  2. Twisted:
    ...what the f#@k is this?.. hahahahahahaha

  3. geralds:
    Its a fanchise bandia namco made there more then 1 game. I need to add the rest odd game. I meen i would expect something like this from the odd ball companies in japan not bandia namco.

  4. geralds:
    I found out this game is series is litteraly based on a Japanese all girl band called ABK48. Yes there are litteraly that many members in the band as this game and series portrays.

  5. Deubeuliou:
    What kind of video game CE get pictures of women in underwear?

    Is there really an audience for that?!

  6. Cosmic_Link:
    It appears there is an audience for everything in Japan! XD

  7. geralds:
    YEs there is its based on one of the most popular bands in Japan the largest pop band in the world according the te guiness book of world record. This is prettty much you choose one of the 68 girls from the AKB48 pop band and do a simple dating sim with them. Then theres a bunch of spin of bands based on this group because is so freeking large. Like AKB48 is the main. SKE48 ,NMB48, HKT48 are all spin offs of AKB48 band were all the members of the spin off bands are also part of AKB as well.

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