Bakemonogatari Portable (Limited Edition)

Platform: PSP
Edition: (Limited Edition)
Format: 2

Published by Bandai Namco Games
Released in Asia on Jul 31, 2012
Released in Japan on Aug 23, 2012 at a price of ¥9,980

Japanese name: 化物語 ポータブル (初回限定生産版)

The Limited Edition of Bakemonogatari Portable comes in a [Package Description] and includes the following content:

  • スペシャルコンテンツDVD – Special Contents DVD
  • スペシャルボイスCD – Special Voice CD
  • スペシャルカスタムテーマ – Special Custom Theme
  • 真宵リュックのゲーム収納マルチポーチ – Multi Pouch
  • Special Booklet


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