Bioshock Limited Edition

Platform: Xbox 360 Edition: Limited Edition Format: NTSC
Released in United States on Aug 21, 2007 at a price of $69.99

The Limited Edition of Bioshock comes enclosed in a large box made of thin cardboard.

Bioshock Limited Edition (NTSC) [360] Bioshock Limited Edition (NTSC) [360] Bioshock Limited Edition (NTSC) [360] Bioshock Limited Edition (NTSC) [360] Bioshock Limited Edition (NTSC) [360]

Inside the box is a 6″ figurine of a “Big Daddy” (Bouncer type) enclosed in a plastic and cardboard clam-shell, as well as a three-disc keep case with artwork that matches the large outer box. The outer box is designed such that the big daddy can bee seen through a window on the back of the box.

Bioshock Limited Edition (NTSC) [360] Big Daddy Bouncer Figurine Bioshock Limited Edition (NTSC) [360] Big Daddy Bouncer FigurineBioshock Limited Edition (NTSC) [360] Big Daddy Bouncer Figurine

Inside the keep case is the game manual, the game disc, the Bioshock EP (a soundtrack CD with music by Moby), and a DVD with a behind the scenes feature.

Bioshock Limited Edition (NTSC) [360] Bioshock Limited Edition (NTSC) [360]
Bioshock Limited Edition (NTSC) [360] Bioshock Limited Edition (NTSC) [360]

The Bioshock Limited Edition was born out of a fan petition. Take-Two stated that they would publish a special edition of BioShock only if the petition received 5,000 signatures, this number of signatures was reached after just five hours. Subsequently, a poll was posted on the Cult of Rapture community website (operated by 2K Games) in which visitors could vote on what features they would most like to see in a special edition; the company stated that developers would take this poll into serious consideration. To determine what artwork would be used for the Limited Edition cover, 2K games ran a contest, with the winning entry provided by Adam Meyer.

Art Book:
One popular feature that was ultimately left out of the Limited Edition in lieu of other features was an art book. To make up for the lack of an art book included within the Limited Edition, Take-Two offered the art book through their website in the form of a downloadable PDF until October of 2007.

Broken Big Daddy:
Many of the Big Daddy figurines were damaged during the initial shipping process, most frequently one of the arms would fall off. Take-Two quickly created a web page titled “busted” where those who had received broken figurines could fill out information to receive a new one. To compensate for the trouble those customers were able to keep their broken figurine in addition to the new one and they also received a physical copy of the art book originally left out of the Limited Edition package.

The Limited Edition was sold exclusively through EB Games and Gamestop locations within the USA and Canada.

Pre-Order Bonus:
No pre-order bonus was offered specifically, however an exclusive Xbox 360 faceplace done in the Bioshock theme was sent to each EB Games and Gamestop location selling the game. Pre-order customers had their name placed in a raffle for the faceplate sent to the store in which their pre-order was placed. These faceplates were not made availble for sale and only enough were manufactured to cover pre-order raffles.

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  1. Gemini-Phoenix:
    Which version of this title does this refer to? There were three editions of this title released: 1) Standard edition; 2) Steelbook edition; 3) Collector’s edition gift set with Big Daddy figure as well as the Steelbook edition

  2. twistedsymphony:
    This is the edition with the big daddy figure, the steel book edition page is here:

  3. twistedsymphony:
    The SteelBook edition of Bioshock is exactly like the regular edition except it comes in a SteelBook case with a plastic slip cover.... View this article on the HomePage.

  4. Gemini-Phoenix:
    May require visual confirmation. All the editions of this game I have seen have not had a plastic slipcover, although my sources are not exactly 100% as I have only ever seen pre-owned copies of the SteelBook on its own, and only own the box set myself, so can't verify this information.

  5. Icek:
    Full Title: BioShock
    System: PS3
    Region: PAL
    Bar Code:
    Release Date: October 17 2008 (EU)
    Release Price (RRP/MSRP):
    Content Rating: PEGI 18+
    Other info (description/exclusivity/etc.):

    The only real difference from regular edition is the cardboard outer sleeve that shines with rainbow colors when looked from different sides.

  6. Mandingo:
    I have this edition. Are cardboard sleeves worth anything?

  7. Icek:
    Probably not, they are just cool looking. The only one I know worth something is O Ring for FFXIII.

  8. gurpswoo1:
    These cardboard slip case versions are first release editions. They come sealed with the PS3 tear strip. It's important to know that these were only made for the first or maybe even the second production, however after a reprint they remove the cardboard case to save cost.

    They will be sort after as they are somewhat limited, while not restricted in numbers like limited edition games, they will command a premium over the second print release because it's a first edition. 10-30% depending on demand.

    Not all slip case edition came sealed, all of the HMV ones did not for example.

    As it not a limited edition release it’s debatable whether it should be in the database, guess that’s up to Twisted.

  9. Mandingo:
    10-30%? Wow.

  10. twistedsymphony:
    *** Photos added for SteelBook Edition ***

    Thanks Nickles

  11. comaamen86:
    BioShock Ultimate Rapture added to db and new pic added

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