Disney Universe Exclusive Edition

Platform: Playstation 3 Edition: Exclusive Edition
Format: 4
Published by Disney Interactive Studios
Released in Australia on Oct 31, 2011

The Exclusive Edition of Disney Universe comes packaged in a cardboard box and contains the following content:

  • Magnetic Photo Frame
  • Keyring
  • Character Sticker Sheet

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Disney franchise.


  1. kittychloe:
    Full Game Name: Disney Universe
    Edition Name: Exclusive Edition
    Platform(s): 360, PS3
    Release Date:
    Price (RRP):
    Bar Code: (if known)
    Package Description: Game in cardboard box plus extras
    Content Description: magnetic photo frame, keyring, sticker sheet
    Link(s) to source(s):
    Other Info/Pics: In target

  2. mosavon:

    What do you think the RRP would have been for this?

  3. mosavon:
    ** Exclusive Edition for PS3 & Xbox 360 added to database **

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