God of War Omega Collection

Platform: Playstation 3
Edition: Omega Collection
Format: 4

Published by Sony Computer Entertainment
Released in Mexico on Nov 20, 2012 at a price of $1,999.00

The God of War Omega Collection comes in a box and contains the following:

  • Steelbook, containing God of War Collection, God of War Origins, God of War III
  • Limited and numbered bronze Kratos statue



This edition is only to be released in South-America

Other games with Collector's Edition releases from the
God of War franchise.


  1. Madigan:

    Full Game Name: God of War
    Edition Name: Omega Collection
    Platform(s): PS3
    Region(s): LATAM
    Publisher: Sony
    Release Date: November

    Content Description:

    - Steelbook containing: God of War Collection, God of War Origins, God of War III

    - Kratos Statue (limited and numbered)


  2. Bloodman:
    That's Awesome

  3. Amnoz:
    Do we have anyone here who would be willing export this, because I'm definitely on board.

  4. MortalMonday:
    That statue looks like a miniature replica of the Sideshow Kratos statue:

  5. evilvort3x:
    SO much WANT for this!!!!!!!

  6. comaamen86:

  7. Letrico:
    Dat Omega Edition. Will it be available worldwide?

  8. Madigan:
    Latin america exclusive, announced by sony at E3

  9. Letrico:
    missed that bit about the exclusive. anyone willing to do a group buy ? =D

  10. Madigan:
    I can start one, but I need more info first (price, release date, pre order limit, etc)

  11. ferrari100:
    Might it be the case that a local gamestop may stock and ship internationally?
    As I missed out on the last god of war ce this is a must buy.

    Sent from my Lumia 710 using Board Express

  12. Letrico:
    Originally Posted by Madigan View Post
    I can start one, but I need more info first (price, release date, pre order limit, etc)
    Please add me into the your group buy list if the preorder details is out. Can't miss out this one like the ultimate edition!

  13. Madigan:
    In my country? no, we don't have international retailers, maybe brasil or mexico.

    I'm checking shipping prices


    1kg (or lower) Air Mail Tracked in dollars:

    America: $33
    Europe: $35
    Rest of the world: $37

    I don't know if I'm the best option lol

  14. Lemur:
    This one is amazing! Please put me in for a group buy as well

  15. evilvort3x:
    mein for a group buy also

  16. Bloodman:
    I'm in too in case can't find it anywhere

  17. Evilhawk:
    im in on the group buy aslong as long its not super expensive, november is also a good month as i dont have CE for that month yet

  18. mosavon:
    Hi Madigan,

    If possible id like to put my name forward for help with this.

    I'll gladly help you with a forward for anything, perhaps Assassins Creed 3 Freedom Edition?


  19. Raasclark:
    Me too please

    Can't miss out on this gem

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