Okami: Zekkeiban HD Mankaiouka-Dama Limited Edition

Platform: Playstation 3
Edition: Mankaiouka-Dama Limited Edition
Format: 2

Published by Capcom
Released in Japan on Nov 01, 2012 at a price of ¥8,800

Japanese name : 大神 絶景版 (HDリマスター) イーカプコン限定 満開桜花玉せっと


The Mankaiouka-Dama Limited Edition of Okami: Zekkeiban HD  includes the following content:

  • Issun Fluorescent Strap
  • Okami Cherry Blossom Globe (AKA snow globe)

Additional Information:
The game and Issun Fluorescent Strap  minus the Globe and be bought for  3,990 円.  The Globe and Stap minus the game can be bought for 6,800 円.

E-Capcom Exclusive



  1. geralds:
    Added okami Hd collectors edition.

  2. Cosmic_Link:
    The Globe and strap can be bought separately from where? Will want to buy these, so if anybody has links, please link meh!

  3. geralds:
    Unless you live in japan your out of luck. I saw them on the e-capcom website as its exclusive to e-capcom. They do not ship internationally. So your best bet it trying ebay, yahoo actions japan, or any other ways of importing. http://www.e-capcom.com/o-kami/

  4. Madigan:
    Another alternative


  5. Noha:

  6. rapister:
    the game is going to be in japanese, so unless u really got the hots for the collectibles, then i think its best to get the english or EU release of the game

  7. Ryu Kazama:
    True, except only Japanese has a physical release.

  8. Cosmic_Link:
    Apparently there was a manufacturing problem with the snowglobe and has been delayed until early next year, according to play-asia product page...

    Please kindly note that due to manufacturing problems on Capcom's side, the "Okami Cherry Blossom Globe" is expected to be ready to ship only in February 2013

  9. geralds:
    not like it is that great of an item anyway.

  10. Cosmic_Link:
    It looks nice in the proposed image in the OP. Looking forward to seeing it when it is released! ^o^

  11. geralds:
    I am bettng it will just be a plastic thing rather then an actual glass globe. Ya something that nice for that cheap if only it were possible.

  12. vhal_x:
    For that cheap? Wtf, it's like ?130 ? xx

  13. Cosmic_Link:
    Yeah it's not exactly cheap. Last Christmas my GF bought my sister a Disney snowglobe, which was glass and that was no more than 40GBP. So I would hope that for 100GBP+ I would get a good quality item.

    We'll see when it actually releases.

  14. geralds:
    FOr something Japanese is is quit cheap realy.

  15. Ryu Kazama:
    It's an actual snow globe. Glass 'n all.

    Looks nice but dunno why it's got such a high price for just the globe, when the game+globe was ?100-?150 anyway... Oh well, waiting til February for my snow globe! Was sad to get the delayed e-mail.

  16. geralds:
    High price its actualy realy cheap. Then again i guess say that because im used to paying 10,000 yen minimum per CE from Japan. Also the fact its full glass. Average game price alone is liek 6,750+ yen for stand alone games as is anyway. This game though is 3,990 yen is th price for the game alone.

  17. Ryu Kazama:
    I got my globe last week. Sadly it was badly damaged with the tree being broken! I'm sending this back this week for a replacement, I HOPE! It's a sizeable globe.

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