Project X Zone (Limited Edition)

Platform: 3DS
Edition: (Limited Edition) Format: Japan
Published by Namco Bandai Games
Released in Japan on Oct 11, 2012 at a price of ¥6,280

The Limited Edition of Project X ZoneĀ  includes the following content:

  • Soundtrack: “Project X Zone Crossover”
  • Artbook: “Project X Zone Character & Material Collection”

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  2. Tubigdomo:
    Full Game Name: Project X Zone
    Edition Name: Limited Edition
    Platform(s): 3DS
    Region(s): North America (NTSC)
    Publisher: Namco Bandai Games America
    Release Date: June 25th, 2013
    Price (RRP): $39.99 US
    Bar Code:
    Package Description: Limited Edition Packaging
    Content Description: Game Soundtrack, Mini-art book, Mini-oister
    Link(s) to source(s): Gamestop
    Other Info/Pics:

    Capcom, Sega and Namco Bandai Games join hands in making this massive cross over wars as monsters and all sorts of baddies are invading the human world.

    Take control of a ninja detective, Tensai Kogoro and the female warrior Oryuji Mii, as the two travel through time lines and universes to find a mysterious stone that might be the key to saving the world.

    Characters move in units, you can pair three characters together. See how they compliment each other to string up a combo attack!

    Contains the game with a mini-art book, mini-poster and game soundtrack

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