Rez (Kanzentousui Set)

Platform: Playstation 2
Edition: (Kanzentousui Set) Format: NTSC-J

Published by Sega
Released in Japan on Nov 21, 2001 at a price of ¥12,800

The Kanzentousi Set comes in a decorated cardboard box designed by Tsuyoshi Kusano. It includes a full copy of Rez Special Package (which includes the trance vibrator accessory) as well as the following:

  • A pair of Rez themed Tapex Vibphones (model: HPV-701)
  • An exclusive Rez/UGA themed t-shirt (men’s large)
  • A pair of Cooling eye patches
  • A Rez themed wristband (for holding the trance vibrator)
  • A set of 3 Rez themed stickers designed by Tsuyoshi Kusano

The name “Kanzentousui Set” is sometimes said to translate to “Perfect Intoxication Set” as well as “Euphoria Complete Set”.

It’s rumored that production of this set was limited to 500 units.

The Kanzentousui Set was sold exclusively though Tsutaya stores in Japan.