Shining Blade Famitsu DX Pack

Platform: PSP
Edition: Famitsu DX Pack
Format: 2

Published by Sega
Released in Japan on Mar 15, 2012 at a price of ¥7,779

The Famitsu DX Pack of Shining Blade includes the following content:

  • 週刊ファミ通×シャイニング・ブレイド 描き下ろしA3クリアポスター <br>本作のキャラクターデザインを手掛けるTony氏によるイラストを配したクリアポスターです。週刊ファミ通3月22日号(2012年3月8日発売)表紙用に描き下ろされたイラストが、A3サイズ(297×420mm)で楽しめます。- a clear illustration poster arranged by Mr. Tony maker of the character design of this work drawn A3 Clear Poster <br> × Shining Blade Weekly Famitsu.
    Illustrations that were drawn for the cover (released March 08, 2012) March 22 issue of Weekly Famitsu, served in the (297 × 420mm) A3 size.
  • シャイニング・ブレイド 2012スクールカレンダー <br>登場キャラクターのイラストを中心にデザインを施した特大卓上スクールカレンダーです。- oversized desk calendar is a school which has been subjected to the illustration of the character design in the center appeared Shining Blade 2012 School Calendar. Large size of 30cmx15cm which can produce around your desk as a visual POP decorating desk.

    • Correspondence April 2013 March 2012
    • Spelling 16 sheets (with illustrations point 16)

Pre-Order Bonus:
Fan disk support new life of spring

Special booklet that summarizes the character’s setting materials worked by Mr. Tony booklet and illustrator document content 1 character set.
Content Promotion Card “Sakuya Mode Blossom” two special
· PR card “Victory Spark Shining Blade” on (sold by the company Bushiroad).
12 songs from the recording to pick up gems decorate the game BGM Collection Soundtrack composer Hiroki Kikuta content 3.
Benefits of more than 150 recorded voice is not heard in game content 4 gorgeous collection of voice actors award.
5 digital content accessories collection (for PC & PSP)
(Recorded multiple-resolution version of each wallpaper ※) recorded more than 100 wallpapers for PSP / PC.
Recording and at least 50 characters cute icon.
Recording and the screen saver is switched beautiful illustrations.
Recording the opening movie in high quality data-collecting benefits 6 movie content.
Recording and the opening movie Ver.B of different patterns to be unpublished.
6 songs by actors Character Gallery and seven gorgeous diva Character content.
Sakuya song “Sakura of Life” (CV: Mizuki people)
Misty “Song of crimson passion” (CV: Yukari Tamura)
Equivalent to “Twilight of the amber” (CV: Yui Horie)
Rozerinde poem “Funeral of Shizuki” (CV: Kuwashima Houko)
Arutina poem “Spirit of the Forest Green” (CV: Marina Inoue)
Elmina song “Aoki made clean” (CV: Hayami Saori)

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