Sonic Adventure Limited Edition

Platform: Dreamcast
Edition: Limited Edition
Format: NTSC

Published by Sega
Released in United States on Jul 15, 1999

The Limited Edition of Sonic Adventure was a pre-release version of the game distributed to stores and rental locations, it did not include any bonus content.

The Limited Edition of Sonic Adventure was originally distributed to approximately 400 Funcoland locations as a disc-only release to be used in Dreamcast kiosks promoting the upcoming release of the console. These discs included a trimmed down version of the game based on the Japanese release and had saving and network connectivity disabled along with other minor differences; they were known to be buggy.

Later, a variant of the release was distributed to Hollywood Video as part of a pre-release promotion in which the game could be rented along with a console before it’s official launch. This variant of the game allowed saving and included a case and manual. The disc, game manual cover, and spine of the case all state “Limited Edition” and the artwork differs slightly from the standard edition release. Due to it’s exclusive distribution through a rental chain many of the original game cases were lost or destroyed and replaced in whole or in part with cases or manuals from the standard edition release, also many discs were tagged with a “Hollywood Video” security sticker.

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